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This first book in The Cupcake Diaries is told through the perspective of Katie Brown. We find Katie miserable on the first day of middle school. Her best friend Callie came back from camp boy-crazy and part of a whole new group of friends. When it's made clear that Callie is in the PGC (Popular Girls Club) and Katie is not invited to join, Katie suddenly feels incrediblyThis first book in The Cupcake Diaries is told through the perspective of Katie Brown. We find Katie miserable on the first day of middle school. Her best friend Callie came back from camp boy-crazy and part of a whole new group of friends. When it's made clear that Callie is in the PGC (Popular Girls Club) and Katie is not invited to join, Katie suddenly feels incredibly alone. Katie realizes if she’s going to survive middle school she needs to seriously regroup and find some new friends. But how? She bites into the cupcake her mother packed her for lunch and for a second closes her eyes. The sweet treat makes her happy—finally something goes right! Looking around her table, Katie notices the other students seeming a bit lost, as well. Which gives her an idea…With three new friends Katie forms a club as a way to spread the cupcake love and earn some cupcake cash!...

Title : katie and the cupcake cure
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katie and the cupcake cure Reviews

  • Lisa
    2019-11-16 18:17

    I actually enjoyed this book much more than I was expecting- it was a lot like a cupcake itself... sweet, pretty, and maybe a little void of nutrition. :) The messages I liked in the book: entering middle school, she is not boy crazy and there's no romance to the book; dealt with some "teen angst"-y issues, like your friend deciding she likes other friends instead, with a light and positive tone; her relationship with her mom was solid; the main character is a nice strong girl who isn't wrapped up in appearances; and mostly I loved the bonding over cupcakes! Now, I really want to go home and make some cupcakes with my munchkins to have those warm, fuzzy feelings in the kitchen :)

  • Hannah
    2019-12-08 22:51

    I enjoyed this book even though this was clearly written for younger kids. I think that Katie's new friends are way better than her old one. Anybody who wants to ditch you so they can hang out with "cool" kids is not worth your time. Plus I really liked how her new friends were completely okay with who they were. I just wish more people would have that attitude.

  • e.c.h.a
    2019-11-30 23:20

    Sesuai dengan judulnya, buku ini telah menjadi "obat" dengan caranya sendiri;- Obat dalam mengatasi kebosanan menanti pesawat menuju Denpasar.- Obat yang mempercepat waktu dalam perjalanan.- Obat dikala stres.- Obat dikala lapar.Kisah remaja yang sebenarnya dialami oleh banyak remaja di dunia. Perasaan "nervous" kala menginjak dunia remaja, beradaptasi dengan lingkungan baru. Persahabatan antara Katie, Mia, Emma dan Alexis bermula di saat makan siang dan di awali oleh sebuah "cupcake". Dengan latar belakang berbeda, mereka pun saling mengisi. Saya suka dengan penuturan kalimat dari Penulisnya. Bergaya sangat remaja tetapi tidak berlebihan. Dengan konflik-konflik khas remaja yang dikemas apik. Siapa bilang remaja selalu labil? Buktinya empat sahabat ini bisa membuktikan bahwa dunia remaja pun bisa dilewati dengan positif.Saya tidak sabar untuk membaca seri berikutnya dari "The Cupcake Diaries" ini, ingin mengenal lebih jauh dengan Mia, Emma serta Alexis. Buku ini memang pantas masuk sebagai buku favorit saya, buku teenlit yang tidak hanya sekedar "teen" tetap dari buku ini saya belajar banyak, salah satunya membuat cupcake hahahaha. Jadi siapa yang mau mencoba cupcake buatan saya?

  • Talia Smart
    2019-12-10 23:00

    I just finished reading this with my 11 year old cousin, Mari. It's a cute story about a girl named Katie who (predictably) loses her friend Callie in the transition to middle school and copes by making cupcakes!While the narrative of a tough entrance to middle school is oh so common, Simon plays with and mocks some of the tropes. For example, the obnoxious clique members actually call themselves the "Popular Girls Club." Katie and the Cupcake Cure is a sweet, accessible, not particularly nuanced but still funny middle-grade story.

  • Faith :)
    2019-12-01 19:57

    This series is so cute! I would recommend it for mostly younger readers, but is a fun book for any age:)

  • Amelia
    2019-12-15 01:14

    This is a pretty nice series. There sure are a lot!

  • K. Monique Chaney
    2019-11-23 19:54

    Best....Book...EVER. I like how their is a recipe on the back

  • Alondra
    2019-11-23 22:07

    This book was about how 4 girls start a cupcake business at a bake sale.First they do it beacuse they volunteer.Then they realize that they actually like it and make a buisness.They make a buisness and they start off to a bad start they don't know how to make them and dont have ingridents.So they asked mom for money and went to buy the stuff at the store and then they sucesed beacuse mom helped out alot.I learned that don't give up and try hard.I would recomened this book to my friends and everyone else beacuse it is a good book and funny sometimes cause they don't know how to make the cupcakes.

  • Amie Floersheim
    2019-12-10 18:16

    This book is told through the perspective of Katie Brown, the main character. Katie has a lot ups and downs through middle school, especially one her first day. It all starts when her best friend through life, Callie, makes new friends with the PGC (Popular Girls Club) group and totally dumps Katie. But she claims to be still the best friend of Katie. Then it gets better, she goes to lunch and starts a friendship with three new best friends, Mia, Emma, and Alexis. They make their own club called the Cupcake Club and grow within their friendship, "business", and life. Katie may have some struggles though life, but she has always got her cupcake cure and her amazing friends. This book is considered contemporary realistic fiction because even though the characters are fiction, it is based on modern problems and situations that children my face today.Classroom integration:this book can be used because it talks about friendship and ups and downs in relationships and is very relatable for students (especially girls)

  • Kogiopsis
    2019-11-19 02:20

    Another book I picked up in hopes of using it at work - alas, it's one grade level above what works best for our program, so it is not to be. That said, I sat down to read it anyway, because what the heck... and it turned out to be a pretty cute way to pass a day's breaks.Now, this book isn't really pushing boundaries, but there's a kind of innocent pleasantness to it that I really liked. Supportive friendships formed through baking, openness about differences in social class and family structure, and the hint that the four 'mean girls' will mature and come around over the course of the series.Scholastic Book Wizard places this book at around a third grade reading level, and third-fifth grades are probably most appropriate for it. It's a book about starting middle school that takes a pleasantly upbeat, encouraging angle on it, and I'm sure it'd be great for the fifth grader on the cusp of a big change who needs just a bit of reassurance (and a recipe to try!).

  • Kate
    2019-12-12 20:58

    Sixth-grader Katie Brown is excited about starting middle school until her best friend Callie ditches her on the first day of school in favor of her new summer camp "mean-girl" friends. On top of that, her locker won't open, her math teacher is mean, and she's terrible at volleyball in gym! But when Mia, Emma, and Alexis join her at her lunch table, Katie makes new friends who share her love of cupcakes. Together, can they raise more money for the PTA than the "Popular Girls Club" by selling their delicious baked goods?Bland and unoriginal with so-so writing, but tween girls love this series, so I wanted to read one. It's the Baby-sitters' Club of today, the sort of book my mother would have tried to get me not to read because it was too easy and not substantial enough... but that I would have devoured in secret anyway.

  • Iris
    2019-12-06 01:01

    This is a book about this girl called Katie and her mother is a dentist. she has a best friend but something is very weird with her. Now Katie has to meet new friends because her best friend went with another group of friends who aren't very nice. She meets new friends who are super nice and they start a new business: the Cupcake Club.I would recommend it people who lost friends because this is a story about a girl who loses her friends and meets new ones thanks to her passion: cupcakes. The y invent new recipes and the recipes are in the back of the book. Each book goes into the mind of a different person in the club.

  • Grace Finnigan
    2019-11-28 23:12

    I really enjoyed this book because I adore cupcakes and it was a heart warming,lovingly story about Katie starting middle school and getting worried but then suddenly she finds out that her best friend Callie is hanging out with some girls called Sydney Bella and Maggie. When Katie finds this out she is confused but she makes three new friends Emma Alexis and Mia who form a cupcake club but Callie Sydney Maggie and Bella have formed a popular girls club only for girls who are popular but Callie hasn't or isn't popular but maybe she is now.

  • Balletprincess
    2019-11-21 17:55

    I only gave it four stars because mentioning that vampire movie' meaning twilight was unnecessary since the girls who are going to read this are not old enough to read or watch twilight, a teen book and movie series. Also Maltese do not shed so Kaite would not have had fur on her when her mom picked her up. Other than those two points the first book in the cupcake diaries series was read really good.

  • Asuka0278
    2019-12-11 19:09

    Cute book about making new friends and traversing the muddy waters of transition from elementary school to middle school. I'm always looking for good middle school age books to read and this one fit the bill. :)

  • Jordan
    2019-11-15 20:55

    It starts off an amazing series and it kept me going with the whole series

  • Erin
    2019-11-29 00:17

    Cute, benign tween novel about friendship. Nothing groundbreaking, but my 9-year-old and I did enjoy the cupcake angle. Yum.

  • Alisha Feiloakitohi
    2019-11-18 02:01

    I really loved this book because I really did not expect that from a book about cupcakes but worth reading it

  • abby
    2019-12-12 22:15

    i finished this book and i loved it so if u have read this book but not any others in the series i do recommend reading the next book: Mia in the Mix! (book 2)

  • Alice
    2019-12-15 21:20

    First of the cupcake diaries and i love it so much. it was a fun read, what with the adorable characters all very likeable. Starting middle school means a drastic change for Katie as her best friend is now joining PGC and leaving katie alone. when one door closes, another door opens. she meets new friends - Emma, Mia and Alexis and they even start a cupcake club together and making profits out of it. I love how the story is very relatable to the reality and bringing life to the characters.

  • Manasvi
    2019-12-12 22:09

    I really like this book because it explains the true meaning of friendship. When Callie ditched Katie and went to hangout with Sydney, I felt really bad for her. I felt happy for her when she found new friends and she formed a group called cupcake club. In this I hate Sydney the most. I would expect them to win the contest though.

  • Rachel Paller
    2019-11-19 23:03

    Frivolous good fun! I think we could all use some more light hearted reading material and this book did not disappoint. Definitely an easy read with a good message about friendship and life changing experiences.

  • Angelina
    2019-12-03 01:53


  • Rebecca
    2019-11-27 01:14

    Great book! I’m a little too old for it but it’s a really good book! 🙂🙂🙂😍😁❤️💜

  • Stell
    2019-11-27 02:17

    4th grade reading level. Great book. Read whole series

  • Oliviasun
    2019-11-18 23:09

    i like the part when Katie made new friend in her new school

  • Julie
    2019-12-13 23:13

    Read with my daughter. Good clean fun for an upper elementary reader.

  • Matthew & Sophia
    2019-12-04 21:11

    The story had a great concept about friendship in middle school. It was interesting and had some funny parts. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes cupcakes and stories about friendship.

  • Delia Constantino
    2019-12-10 19:09

    Cute, sweet story about finding your groove (in this case cupcake making!), making new friends, and not letting any mean girls get ya down

  • Maywoodbooks
    2019-12-01 02:04

    short snappy and entertaining but maybe a little trite? Overall not a bad read for a middle school age reader looking for something easy and simple.