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Virgin River è il luogo ideale per trovare rifugio e rigenerarsi. Protetta da torreggianti sequoie e scandita dal gorgoglio di acque cristalline, la vita di questo delizioso villaggio di montagna scorre senza affanni e pericoli. Ma non senza emozionanti sorprese.In un momento particolare della sua vita, Melinda sente il bisogno di prendere le distanze dalle convulse follieVirgin River è il luogo ideale per trovare rifugio e rigenerarsi. Protetta da torreggianti sequoie e scandita dal gorgoglio di acque cristalline, la vita di questo delizioso villaggio di montagna scorre senza affanni e pericoli. Ma non senza emozionanti sorprese.In un momento particolare della sua vita, Melinda sente il bisogno di prendere le distanze dalle convulse follie di Los Angeles e si trasferisce a Virgin River. Qui l'attende una natura di incontrastata bellezza e un ambulatorio in cui esercitare la sua professione di ostetrica. Grazie a un'atmosfera serena e tranquilla, Mel ritrova il suo equilibrio. Almeno finché non compare sul suo cammino l'affascinante Jack che conosce tutti i sentieri dei boschi di Virgin River, compresi quelli che conducono verso una nuova, insperata, felicità...

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  • Pamela
    2019-11-13 05:32

    I flipping loved this book.It's my first Robyn Carr book. I've read a lot of good things about her here on Goodreads and also on Amazon, and I ordered several of her books this spring, hoping to get some time to read them.Recently widowed Melinda Monroe, a certified nurse midwife, decides that to move beyond her grief she must start her life again. She sells almost everything she owns and moves to Virgin River, a tiny town in the middle of the California forest. At first it seems the transition from the violence of working in the hospitals in LA to living in a town that doesn't even seem big enough to be a town is going to be too much for her. But she quickly finds herself drawn closer to this tiny community and its resident, particularly Jack Sheridan, a former U.S. Marine who runs the closest thing the town has to a bar/restaurant. Watching Mel and Jack fall in love was pure pleasure.I particularly loved the medical realism of the midwifery scenes. I read in reviews that some readers didn't like all the pregnancy/childbirth/breastfeeding talk that naturally goes with Mel's career, but as someone who had two midwife births and breastfed for a long time, I really appreciate that. Though certainly motherhood isn't for every woman, I think having a baby is the most amazing thing women do, and having a midwife as a heroine was truly wonderful. The birth scenes were realistic but not gory at all.The quality of the author's research was apparent not only with regard to midwifery, but also the hero's military background and law enforcement aspects of the story, as well as the milieu of the small town and the surrounding countryside, where some residents are wonderful people and some are not.I also enjoyed the fact that the heroine was strong but not "kick ass." I just don't enjoy reading about heroines who kick butt and are oh so tough. Bores me. I much prefer feminine heroines who can be strong — but in a feminine way. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the hero to be the one who kicks ass. Heroines with knives, tattoos, and tough ninja moves who swing through the skyscrapers on ropes braided from their own chest hair just don't do it for me.Though profanity doesn't bother me — how could it? My books are full of it — this book has only mild profanity. The sex is romantic and descriptive rather than erotic and extremely detailed. That's fine with me, because I can take either, provided it's well written. I just like a well-crafted love scene.I found Carr's style to be captivating. Let's put it this way: I didn't plan to read a book tonight. I sat down with this at about 9 PM and read it in one sitting, finishing at about 2 AM. That doesn't happen for me very often — maybe once a year or once every other year.Thanks, Ms. Carr, for the hours of enjoyment. Looking forward now to the rest of this series.

  • Catherine
    2019-10-25 08:50

    *sigh* I feel like the grump lurking in the corner, but I did not like this book. Which is shocking! This book has an extremely high average and every GR friend I have to date has given it at least a 4 star grade. It must have something going for it to have so many fans, but I just can't see it. :\This was supposed to be a modern book, but it felt oddly dated. The heroine Mel, talks about Starbucks and $300 highlights so I know it's modern, but it also had a weirdly old school vibe going for it. Maybe it's the small town vibe the author wanted to portray? The hero--who was in the marines and came from California--says stuff like "fanny" and has the good ol' boy vibe going for him. It just felt like some odd time warp. It was like picking up Mackenzie's Mountain again.Before I get into the characters and the plot I have to admit that this author's writing style annoyed me. She is a very big 'teller' instead of a 'shower.' She has a very distancing technique that made it hard for me to care about her characters. Third person past tense is my favorite style to read, but here the author killed it. There was no sense of immersion into the characters. Even though I was reading from Mel's point of view I never felt like I was reading about how her character would really think. The author had a very heavy hand in the narration and that's just not my preferred style.One of my biggest complaints about small town stories are the wacky townspeople and zany situations they get into. I would have killed for some of that here. These people were incredibly bland to read about. They had nothing to make them unique or interesting so they all kind of blurred together. I know they were just background characters, but Mel interacted with them enough that they should have had some development going on. Just something to change the 'voice' of the characters so they actually felt different from each other!For the most part I felt bored by the book. I kept going with it because so many of my friends liked it. I was determined to discover the magic. Then I was too far along to not finish it. I made myself continue because I knew if I set the book down there was a very large chance that I would never pick it up again. It wasn't that it was so bad that it made me hate it, I was just bored. I found the story bland and tedious to read. I have never been so aware of a page count in my life.But I did eventually get irritated. Mel was a hard character for me to like. I thought her grief was well done--not too melodramatic, very compelling for its simplicity--but there should have been more time before she started a relationship. Up until 50 pages from the end Mel still considered herself someone else's wife. I can understand, but it did not make for a good romance. I felt really bad for Jack. She was honest with him from the start about having nothing to give him, but he was willing to accept the crumbs. They made good friends, but I didn't feel a connection on Mel's part beyond being a welcome physical release. Jack was the quintessential 'friends with benefits' relationship. Poor guy should have wised up and hooked up with someone who actually wanted to be with him.Mel didn't make me irritated until closer to the end. In the beginning her narrative was sort of preachy about the beauty of childbirth and also about her anti-gun stance. But I just rolled my eyes and moved on. But then she turned into an idiot!!! (view spoiler)[She is a MIDWIFE and NURSE and she had sex multiple times without a condom. It wouldn't have been so glaring if it weren't for her job and the fact that such a big deal was made out of getting a 16 year old boy to use condoms with his girlfriend. What kind of retard doesn't practice what they preach???After having sex multiple times the hero and heroine finally discuss protection methods and the possibility of STD's. Oh sure, it's a lot of help after the fact! Also, Jack volunteers to have a blood test to prove he's clean but Mel doesn't have one too. That's incredibly stupid. Just because someone only has one partner for years, it doesn't mean they can't have an STD too. Also, when Jack gives Mel the results she won't read them because she "trusts" him. What exactly was the point of making him have the test if she wasn't even going to look at them? I started getting a bad vibe about the blatant condomless sex and it turned out to be right. Mel and her husband tried and tried to have a baby and couldn't. But one time with Jack and she's knocked up? Oh, please. I am tired of that stupid trope. Plus, I honestly don't think she would have ever really forced herself to connect with Jack if it wasn't for the baby. That's just sad for him. (hide spoiler)]Because of these issues I don't think I'll continue with the series. If it had just been the characters or plot I would have tried again, but since I don't like her writing style I don't see me having different results with another book. Too bad too, because I was pretty curious about Preacher.

  • Shelly
    2019-10-24 02:57

    First, I'm going to apologize in advance for my review. These are my thoughts, and I know I'm in the great minority of people who didn't like this book, but OMG I just can't stand it any freaking more! I'm going to warn you right now, if you love this series, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER - this will probably offend.This is by far the worst book I've ever listened to, possibly ever. I had no idea it was going to be so terrible, it's gotten so many great reviews and I thought at the very least it would be bearable. I honestly can't remember the last time I read/listened to a book and thought it was this bad. I'm talking in my entire life time. I don't mind sweet romances, they honestly aren't my thing, but I have enjoyed a few here and there, and at the very least found them bearable. I asked in the contemporary romance group if this was indeed a sweet romance, and they assured it was nicer than most, but had a little of the 'nasty' but the characters and story were so well done. Great! Sounds good to me, even though I lean towards the voyeuristic I still require a plot line. Plot line with less sex? I can handle that.Problem is, I can't even make that far into the book to have Jack and Mel kiss! They aren't even circling each other yet and I already want to bitch slap Mel. She is at the top of the TSTL list. Worst heroine ever. A widow who hates LA and needs a change of scenery sounds like a plausible, albeit boring start. She describes her life in LA as if she was living in Skid Row and feared for her safety, both at home and at work. A nurse practitioner makes a decent living, she didn't have to work at the worst hospital where all she saw was drug addicted pregnant women, gun shot victims and the worst of society. I've never been to LA, but I hear it's pretty big and has some quite ritzy suburbs. Certified in midwifery, Mel could have worked at some fancy women's clinic, or just a better hospital where the celebs go to have their babies. I'm sure you wouldn't see the absolute worst of society there. . . wait, maybe there too, but people with money would maybe be preferable to deal with. Her husband was shot at a convenience store they frequented, but she described as not such a nice place. Hello? McFly? Don't frequent those kinds of places! I live in OKC, in a decent neighborhood, but a few miles from here is a convenience store I never would go to, even if it's on my way. I'm not stupid. Bad shit happens anywhere, so to blame the whole city for your husband's death is just beyond stupid. Couldn't afford a better area of town to live? Maybe if you weren't spending $200 for jeans, $600 for boots, $400 for highlights and $60-80k on a car you might be able to afford slightly better digs. But seeing as how her deceased husband was a Dr. I'm sure money was no issue. Just stupidity.I'm not a nurse, never wanted to be one, but my sister is a medical assistant in the terminal/difficult patient ward, has been for 4 years. I've heard stories. I have friends who are nurses. I've heard lots of stories to know nursing takes a special breed of people who deserve the utmost respect. My 120 pound sister had to restrain a 300 pound man who was off his meds, and help hadn't arrived yet, so just keeping him from hurting himself, others and herself was difficult enough. He bit her. As in tried to take a chunk of her arm off, and she had 14 stitches and a tenantus shot. I get the medical field can be difficult to endure, which is why you gotta be made of special sauce to make it. It's not all sunshine and butterflies. Even if you work Labor & Delivery, babies die, mothers die, bad shit happens. If you can't take it, you're in the wrong damn field. So when Mel whines constantly in the first few chapters to her sister how terrible it is to work as a nurse, it left me thinking 'Thank God she's a fictional character who doesn't really work with the public.' No one ever said medicine would be easy, that's why you get paid big bucks (and nurses and doctors do - maybe not enough for the shit you have to put up with, but you do). Mel felt like one of those stupid real housewives shows, complaining about all kinds of bad stuff that happens to her while worrying about how she looks. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to how much I hated her. She wants a change, to go a little rustic for a while. Talk about piss poor planning and stupid to just go off the pictures some one has sent you. Ranting about how backwards the town was to the people in the town was insulting. If I was any of those people she was complaining to, I'd have told her to get her ass back to LA. She can't be naive and sweet while complaining about how terrible the town is. She can't be smart and able to take care of herself if she doesn't do the most basic planning. I could go on and on about how much I hated Mel.Jack was no better. At first I thought he might be okay. But then he 'goes for a drink in Crystal River.' Which is code for I'm gonna go fuck some big old blonde I've been seeing for the last 2 years for shits and giggles. He doesn't even like her. The way he thinks of her is pathetic, but still, he fucks her. Twice. Nice, huh? Some sensitivity there. Then he has the decency to tell her it can't go on, even if there's no one else yet, 'there's the hope of someone else' (swiped from one of my favorite movies - You've Got Mail). The way he tells her is so crass and . . . and. . . [email protected]!! It just makes me so mad! Tell me this doesn't sound like an asshole thing to say:"That's the thing, he said. I have needs, and right now I think what I need is completely different from what I've needed in the past. I could easily keep coming here Charmaine, I sure don't suffer. You're awful good to me."He goes on to say things have basically changed for him. Nice. Sweet, you say? I'm sorry, how does 'even though I'm thinking about someone else but I could keep coming here anyway, it's easy,' even remotely sound nice? If he was such a nice guy, it would be more than sex between him and Charmaine, even if he didn't want a relationship. If he was such a nice guy, one night stands would be better. Or celibacy, how about some abstaining? No, our hero leads a woman on for 2 years, knowing Charmaine feels more for him than he does her, but hey, it's easy and he has needs. Yuck. He has an encounter with another woman who's apparently hot to trot for him, an younger alcoholic loser who he asks to clean up Mel's cabin, and his description of her is just down right judgmental and mean. You may not like someone, but don't be nice to them and ask them for help to their face while you're sneering at them behind their back.All this after 3 hours of the audio. I kept swearing and even threw a few things (nothing breakable but it's why I stopped - not worth it) in frustration with this book. There was tons of telling, not so much showing. It all sounded like a narrative of poor pitiful mountain life, and not a romance at all.If you want a sweet romance with little to no sex in it, but still want decent to good plot lines with well developed characters, I'd push you towards Debbie Macomber and her Cedar Cove series. It's the only series of hers I've read, but I've read at least 10 of them. While I didn't jump up and down for joy while reading them, they were nice. No stupid heroines or crass heroes. Nice and decent people with real life problems in a small coastal town. This is what I wanted from this series. It's what I thought I was getting. I can't tell you how disappointed I am in this book.

  • Shawna
    2019-11-15 09:35

    5+ stars – Contemporary RomanceThere’s not much that hasn’t already been said about this sweet, delightful, feel-good contemporary romance and for very good reason, and now I’m finally glad that I get what all the fuss is about.Virgin River is a heartwarming story about a young, grieving widow whose spirit is rejuvenated and soul revived by working as a nurse and midwife in a quaint little country town called Virgin River, with quirky, friendly, salt-of-the-earth people surrounded by the beauty of nature. After losing her young husband in a violent crime in L.A., feeling suffocated by grief, and tired of the chaotic, stressful life as a nurse in a big city hospital, Mel decides that a complete change of scenery and small town pace is exactly what she needs.On first arrival in Virgin River, nothing is what she expected and Mel thinks she made a rash, huge mistake and can’t wait to pack up and leave, but life doesn’t always go the way we plan. An abandoned baby and local women in need of good prenatal care remind Mel of why she became a nurse and midwife in the first place and fill her with a sense of purpose. What she didn’t anticipate is having her heart reopened through the kindness, patience, and love of an ex-marine. Jack is one of the most dreamy, tender romantic heroes ever, and his support and care of Mel is absolutely tear-worthy it’s so touching. The way he fixes up Mel’s cottage so she’ll have reason to stay, his tenderness in helping her with the abandoned baby, how he keeps his bar/restaurant open all night when she’s delivering a baby in the event she needs something, and his unwavering patience in earning her trust and courting her...the list just goes on and on.I’m only sorry that I waited so long to read this enchanting story, but one good thing about being late is that now I can read the next six books in the series right away without having to wait for their release! Big 5 stars!

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-11-20 05:51

    4.5 StarsLoved this! The rural setting of Virgin River: a secluded forest, simple life, and town folk that band together like a family was an absolute win for me. Mel got on my nerves a time or two, but I shouldn't really have been judgmental since she lost her husband only a year before. I completely LOVED and adored Jack. Oh my stars, every woman needs this man! Hunky, protective, just a total MAN! I enjoyed the whole medical aspect of the story. Mel was a midwife/nurse practitioner and a lot of the story was about her patients and delivering babies. I'm in the medical field, as well, so I found this bit very interesting. Practicing medicine in a small town without the conveniences of a big city technology, and support would definitely be a challenge. This was actually a good thing for Mel, because her presence was really needed and made a complete difference to these people. No better cure for grief than a your own personal hunky lumberjack and staying busy! Onto book two!

  • jenjn79
    2019-10-26 06:49

    It took me a while to get into this book. I think I was about halfway through before I started to really get into the story. That's probably partially because just before that I'd been reading a Lora Leigh book (so completely different) and also because the vibe of Virgin River is rather different than your typical romance novel.This book is about people and life, the vagaries of small-town living, growing and healing, and, of course, love. Like the town it's set in, the pace of the book is on the slow and meandering side, with a lot of mundane but interesting details. Which took me a while to adjust to. But once I got used to, I rather enjoyed the story. I can't say that I absolute adored it, but it did keep me up reading even though I was tired.The characters were great and the setting enjoyable. I look forward to reading Preacher's story in the next book.The only real complaint I had was that I really could have done without the Ricky/Liz sex scene. Considering their ages, it kinda tripped my WTF?-meter. And it was rather unnecessary.Good book, though. I'm glad I read it.

  • Eastofoz
    2019-11-02 07:57

    Hokey Americana. Never seen so many pregnant women in such a small area.

  • K.
    2019-11-12 05:50

    ”Virgin River” by Robyn Carr -- 3.5*Modern Day ContemporaryJack and MelindaThis book has been reviewed multiple times, so I’ll just relate my personal impressions rather than providing much of a synopsis. Quickly, Melinda is an L.A. physician’s assistant/midwife practicing in a major hospital who loses her husband, the love of her life, in an unexpected murder when he chances upon a convenience store robbery in progress. She moves to a small town seeking solace, anonymity from overly concerned and pitying friends and acquaintances, and a simpler life from the crime and complications of the big city. Jack owns a combination bar, restaurant and overall community gathering place in the rural town of Virgin River. After numerous tours of duty in several wars, he is enjoying his laid-back existence from his status as a war hero.I think others have enjoyed this story much more than I did overall. It kept my interest, but to be honest, it was SOLELY for the reason that I totally fell in love with the hero, Jack! He was everything a girl could ask for: Delicious to gaze upon, completely solicitous of the heroine’s comfort and protection, and truly a hero in times of unexpected misfortunes of all types. A man’s man, and a woman’s dream! Friend to everyone in the town and Carr did a fantastic job with outlining Jack. Conversely . . . the heroine, Melinda (“Mel”) . . . not so much! I had all kinds of issues with her: I was utterly puzzled by my lack of true “liking” of this heroine for most of the novel. By all rights I should have logically and completely related to her total devastation and lost feelings after losing her husband and apparent soulmate. As a woman who enjoys a marriage that I don’t even want to imagine how my life would be without my man, I should have been completely empathetic, and cried over her situation right along with the heroine! However . . . the heroine cried so frequently and so deeply (to the point of melodrama) . . . even my tender sensibilities couldn’t keep up with her!! It was like “I-yi-yi - here we go again,” every other page. The woman must have had to drink GALLONS of water daily in order to keep up with the flood seeping out of her tear ducts and keeling over from dehydration! I just kept thinking . . . “Poor Jack . . . when will he be able to look at a woman who doesn’t (more than likely) have a nose like ‘Rudolph’ 95% of the time!” And when Mel wasn’t blubbering over her dear-departed, she was carrying on convos. with his pic. prominently placed front and center at her bedside table. GHAAD! Fortunately, for Jack (but unfortunately for us, the reader), she buried her reasons for her stand-offishness to Jack for about half the book. However, no down-time for us -- we got the entire, long, drawn out pity-party. Then, Mel tries my patience even longer when she begins sleeping with Jack and STILL seems bent on leaving Virgin River and insisting she can never love another man other than her deceased husband. ("Uh, news flash Mel -- Then what are you doing banging our 'hunk of burnin' love' Jack every other night??!! It's not a 'switch' dear that you turn on and off as you jump in and out of his bed! That's called 'ripping the heart' out of our sweetheart of a hero!" GRRR!) Again, it seemed logical that I should be empathizing with her devotion . . .yet all I wanted to do was yell at her to “MOVE ON ALREADY!” I know, I know . . . so hard-hearted! It’s just not me! I am usually so forgiving (I think more than a lot of readers) of characters' individual deeply seated psychological emotions. Therefore, I am going to blame the situation on the author’s “timing” issues when penning a great love story. Afterall, this story was supposed to be about Jack and Mel’s love story, but it seemed overly burdened in it’s overly drawn out timing on moving the heroine forward from her grief of a ghost husband that we the readers are not emotionally invested in, and into the area of it’s possible to love again -- about 200+ pages too many afer the first 100 pages! Jack was so devoted to her . . . I really just could hardly understand why. Even when Mel wasn’t crying . . . she just didn’t seem like that “likeable” of a character to me. I do have to say though . . . ironically enough, although Carr did such a poor job of warming me to her heroine, she couldn’t have done a better job in outlining her hero’s eminently wonderful qualities. I just loved the man . . . and so did everyone else in Virgin River, and rightly so. He’s absolutely yummy in every aspect. I seldom have ever closed a pretty decent romance novel with the feeling that the heroine did NOT deserve the hero, but on this one I have to say I did, and actually felt another character in the novel was more worthy of Jack’s love!! Fortunately, the overall story is saved with Carr’s great ability to write wonderful secondary characters and outline small town life in a very captivating way -- enough for me to keep going with the next book (hopefully with less appearances by Mel and her Kleenex!). This could have easily been a 5* read had Carr beefed up a few more likeable qualities for Mel and turned off the waterworks a lot sooner!K.Sexual content mild in graphic descriptives; 2-3 sexual scenes of “mainstream PG to R” rated depictions; Graphic language inserted as appropriate, but infrequent; Violence minimal and mostly non-graphic (suggested); Recommended for ages 15 and above with parental review.

  • KarenH
    2019-10-29 09:52

    I'm a big fan of audiobooks; unfortunately, I've almost blown through's generously-sized romance collection completely. Recently, a ton of Stephanie Lauren's books were released on audio. Not being too familiar with her work, I listened to Devil's Bride and decided I would embark down that long Cynster road, knowing I'd have enough listening material for the next 6 months. However, 2 books into the series I was already feeling a restless urge to move on. Virgin River by Robyn Carr caught my eye because I remembered Melissab had been raving about it months ago at Amazon. Her recommendations have always worked well for me so I decided to give it a go. OMG! and WOW! What a gem! Just like a great book you can't put down, I listened to the entire audio - all 12hrs & 29min - straight through.Virgin River was a simple story of two very complex characters...a city girl who wouldn't let go of a love lost forever, and a country boy who was mentally scarred from the unspeakable cruelties of war. Both believing they had nothing to offer a serious relationship, they fell into a comfortable companionship...becoming the best of friends. When one was faced with personal demons, the other became the rock...the strength that kept the demons at bay. To each other, they became as necessary as air...and gradually realized their feelings were way beyond those shared by mere friends.The story was beautifully with detailed descriptions of the country in its simplistic splendor and of the quirky country folk that lived there. VR also triggered all the emotions. There is one unforgettable scene where Melinda has an emotional breakdown outside in the pouring rain. Jack knows she is crying over another man; nevertheless, he loves her uncondionally and holds her until she calms down. (Oh, but he gets a huge, unexpected reward for that one! wink wink)*Sigh* They broke the mold after they made Jack. Without a doubt, he is the perfect hero...surpassing all other fictional males acting in the same capacity. Forget about comparing him to a real man...I'm positive there isn't one who even comes close. (LOL, if real men were anything like Jack, PMS would not exist!)I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sigh-worthy, possible tear-inducing, heart-warming love story, complete with a sweet HEA and enough sexual detail to cause you to drool uncontrollably with desire for Jack. 6 stars!

  • Pygmy
    2019-11-02 06:48

    A generic "strong" female with "heart-shaped lips" and a fabulous figure + generic whitebread cleft-chin He-Man gentleman (even when hooking up!) with a soft spot for babies + a po-dunk town where nothing happens == boring book!These people have no personality. Where's the humor? If not that, where's the intellectual intelligence? Or if not that, where's the sarcasm, the quirky attitudes, or some kind of color?? Or even if the characters were supposed to be ridiculously nice and laid-back, put them in a crazy situation that tries the best of souls!But no. None of the characters are interesting, either superficially or personality-wise, and the book waffles half-assed about an abandoned baby that I couldn't care less about while the main girl weeps tears over her infertility and dead husband which I also can't care about. Why? I dunno. Even though those are all very legitimate issues. I suppose I can blame the author's bland voice and inability to construct compelling characters and story. And the way she just tells and tells and tells me what everyone's thinking and feeling and guess what! Everyone thinks BORING stuff! I got about 1/3 of the way in and can't be bothered to continue.To be fair, grammar-wise, etc., there is nothing wrong, and no doubt more romance-minded people will like it.

  • Mistress ~ ♠ Mistral's Kiss ♠ ~ (Mist)
    2019-11-02 04:44

    I love this small town setting to bits and I'm going to continue reading the series for this alone The romance on the other hand while sweet, dragged for me, and all the conflicts-that-really-weren't didn't thrill either. Also the heroine never really choose the Jack. He was willing to bend over backwards no matter how far or for how long, and she never evolved to the point were she could openly accept and return his love. Yup, they end up together... but only out of circumstance; and cheesy lets tie this up in a bow circumstance at that.My three other gripes are:1) The POV of a young male character (and I mean YOUNG, he's 16). I get that this is to build interest for when they ( he and his FOURTEEN yr old gf) get their own story down the road. But Jack's passing notice would've have by far done the trick. I could care less about their kiddie drama, and was seriously squicked out by their sex scene = / (Yes that's right a 14 and 16 yr old had a graphic sex scene. Say it with me now...Ewwww!).2) The outdated or out of character slang. Jack often refers to Mel's 'fanny' mentally. WTH, who over 5 and under 80 refers to a butt that way. And Mel (a fashionista from L.A.) after a mere few months, all of a sudden starts casually saying 'Boy Howdy!'...repeatedly? Puh lease, gimme a break. lol3) Also for a book about a nurse that specializes in womens' health; Mel's personal logic about safe sex is down right retarded.

  • Srividya
    2019-11-02 03:47

    I first met Robyn Carr a few years back when I stumbled upon her Virgin River series. It was a time when our daughter was diagnosed as being autistic and, needless to say, it was a traumatic time for us. We had just gotten her epilepsy under control and were very happy on her achieving her early milestones at the normal or even advanced rate and just couldn’t wrap our heads around this diagnosis. Nevertheless, she needed our support and strength and we dove right in and haven’t looked back. I won’t say that the journey has been all good but we have had our shining moments as well as those that required more strength than we thought we had but somehow managed to find it always.It was under this pressure, tension and perhaps a little pain that I came across Virgin River and Jack’s bar. To say that it was therapeutic would perhaps just be the tip of the iceberg of the feelings that this series brought about in me. The series became an anchor for me to find strength upon and more than the books, the Yahoo chat group became haven for me. Aptly named Jack’s Bar, this group made up mostly of septuagenarians and even older, became a lifeline to me. There were a few women my age but mostly they were older than me and to top it all there was one man, the single gentleman in this otherwise women-island, who was 90 years old and madly in love with this series. It brought a smile to my face to see their love for the series and also for each other. Their friendship and warmth brought peace to my angst filled mind and their recommendations and discussions on other books, romances and other genres, made me get back to reading after a really long drought period. That is what this series did for me when I first read it.This year has once again been a series of ups and downs for me, where reading had somewhat taken a secondary position and romances, the beautiful ones, were eluding me for no reason or maybe for reasons unknown to me. I was oscillating as a reader between reading repetitive eroticas to trying somewhat serious and meaningful reads, with the former not giving me as much pleasure as it usually does and the latter being too few and far between and not to mention short in length. Fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance – they all eluded me and I felt and perhaps still feel their loss very keenly, for I am someone who reads everything and perhaps proud of that fact. Perhaps this very pride was the reason for this fall? I don’t know. Whatever the reason, it is August and despite having read some really good books, I feel that lack of a certain something, I know not what. The lack of reading led to what I can only call as reader’s envy when I saw the reads of my friends and the casual beauty with which they not only completed their reads but also reviewed them. I had gotten into a block – not being able to read or review, and that hurt and I guess I became quite a morose character due to that. Emotions, which were commonplace in me, were absent and I found out that feelings just didn’t exist. Oh, I read and I loved, I spoke to friends and loved, but I felt it was more mechanical and in that process I just made a few friends exasperated with me and perhaps some even became angry. *wry smile*And this is when I decided to visit Jack’s Bar and Virgin River again, to see whether it still had that touch. I had attempted re-reading it a couple of years ago but couldn’t, so I started this read with a lot of trepidation, one that I may not be able to read even this and two I may not feel the same way about it. And both were really scary thoughts. Needless to say, both were unnecessary fears, for not only did I finish reading it, I loved it all over again and the magic of this series is definitely running through me as I type this review. The series is set in a fictional place called Virgin River and revolves around the residents of that town. The first book is about Jack of Jack’s Bar and Melinda, who is an ER nurse from LA who comes to Virgin River for a change of pace and maybe to find some peace. While this is a romance book and does have romance at its forefront, its main beauty lies in the beauty of the town folk, their simple helping nature, their large hearts and capacity to love and accept and a whole lot more. The pace is just right, not too fast and not too slow either. The romance between Jack and Mel builds up slowly and smoothly. The interactions between Mel and the people of Virgin River, especially old Doc Mullins who she has come to help, is beautiful, poignant, funny and just soothing. There isn’t a bad person per se in this book, there is no danger, there are no sad things happening and yet it is full of life and everything that life stands for. It’s a story about second chances, a story about finding something that you never thought you will find, a story about finding strength deep within oneself and knowing that you are not only capable but can actually do things that you thought you couldn’t do, even if it is as simple as finding happiness and peace.The writing is superb, crisp and entertaining and warms you like a sip of whisky on a cold winter’s night. The characters are alive and not those perfect models that you often find in books from this genre. They have their strengths, their weaknesses, their joys and their sorrows – just as you and me do; but what makes it worth reading is that they are ready to share their strength and are equally ready to depend on other’s strengths to live and face life’s every adversity with a smile on their face, that only people who have support can do. The book teaches you to value family, friends, community while also teaching you that it isn’t wrong to feel low or fail. Life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures, love and anger, acceptance and denial, joy and sorrow, loneliness and companionship – but life well lived is one where you have someone by your side to tell you that it is okay ad that tomorrow will be another day. I might be waxing poetic about this one because of the way it helped me but I know that I am not alone in loving this one. Take a trip to Jack’s bar, sip on wine or have a whisky or beer, let the chats around you simply flow over you and through you, and who knows, you might just have found something really beautiful about your own life to be happy and proud about. The Yahoo group, Jack’s Bar, isn’t as active now as it used to be. The group had its own set of loss and sorrow – from death of loved ones to illnesses of some members and death of one. When I joined GR, I was guilty of not being there as much as I used to because I found love here in GR, but my thoughts and prayers are with each one of them and their families, for they gave me back my life and my ability to feel and more importantly read. Life goes on in Virgin River and Jack’s Bar and there are a lot of books in this series before it ends. I want to savour it this time and make every book last before I reach that inevitable end of the series where I will have to say goodbye to Jack’s Bar once again. Whenever the time comes, I am sure that this goodbye will be as teary eyed as my previous one, but despite all that I know one thing for sure, Jack’s Bar will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Holly
    2019-11-20 03:32

    Melinda Monroe is tired of the heartache, tired of the sympathy, and most of all, tired of living in a home where memories of her once happy future constantly assail her. All but dead inside with grief over the death of her husband, Mel discovers a job opportunity in the charming and idyllic town of Virgin River, up in the untouched splendor of Northern California. Although her sister pleads with her that running away to some mountain region backwater will not solve her problems, Mel packs up her BMW and makes the long trek from LA to Virgin River. This perfectly coiffed city girl is in for a rude shock when she arrives for it seems the town of Virgin River is not what she was led to believe. In return for her nursing and midwifery skills, she was promised a beautiful little cabin that seemed to her to be it's own little slice of heaven. Instead, she's greeted with a critter infested, cobweb infested, dusty and dirty shack that's literally falling apart around her. Completely unnerved and close to a breakdown, Mel practically runs down the mountain to get home. Instead, she seeks shelter at Jack's Bar and Restaurant and fortified by warmth and excellent food, plus the company of the handsome Paul Bunyan-esque Jack, she feels much better, but she's still not willing to stay. Determined to leave as soon as she can, she soon has one foot already out of this sleepy little town but then she finds baby Chloe, wrapped up and waiting for her, abandoned and in need. Pretty soon Chloe has her fingers wrapped around Mel's heart and she decides to stay, "just until a good home is found for her." That promise turns into a week, then a month, then other women come forward in need of her midwifery skills, and she promises them that she will stay, "just until their baby is born." With the towns help, Jack is determined to show Mel that they need her in Virgin River, just as much as she needs them.....and Jack. Everyone will tell you that this is a gentle and unassuming story. There are no Big Misunderstandings, no crazy psychos on the loose (well, maybe one) and there are no big bangs in this story to keep you hooked. Maybe someone will tell you that the best way to enjoy this story is to curl up with a blanket and a steaming cup of hot chocolate and just relax. While that is certainly the ideal way to read a book, especially a simple story like this one, life is hardly ideal, as this book will show you. I read this book while in a very bad emotional place, I was freezing because the weather outside was rainy and cold and I had my patio doors flung open in order to allow my new puppy instant access to the backyard, plus I had a pounding headache and in all honesty, shouldn't have been reading in the first place. Feeling rather grumpy and put upon, I opened up Robyn Carr's Virgin River and by the first couple of pages, I completely forgot all my woes. My woes definitely pale in comparison to Mel's. I've never known grief like hers before and God willing, I wont for a very long time. The town and all it's charming inhabitants settled over her like a soothing balm and they helped her to live again. Having the unassuming but ever hopeful Jack by her side was a definite bonus as was the cantankerous and grouchy ol doc. Virgin River was not without it's town bums, but the good more than outweighed it's bad. We follow Mel as she travels about the town and the surrounding woods, helping out where she can. While it might sound boring, it's really not and I'm the type of girl who loves a good scintillating suspense story. As cliche as it sounds, the town really came to life for me and all it's inhabitants had warm and robust personalities. Also helpful is that this book is laugh out loud funny! And not in a joke-y way. There are no knock knock jokes in this one. The humor comes from everyday things and flows in a natural way, just a group of people sharing a laugh. The romance between Jack and Mel came about slowly, but instead of me flipping through the pages wondering when all the hot, nekkid sex was going to occur, I really enjoyed reading about their growing relationship and I allowed everything to develop at a fluid pace. Jack. Oh, Jack. Was ever a man more patient? More kind? More wonderful and loving and strong, yet so vulnerable? I don't think so, so Jack takes the prize as the best romance hero ever written. He's understanding and thoughtful, knows when to press and when to back off, is built like a greek god or Paul Bunyan, likes children and respects the elderly, is a good cook and can do the dishes, can rebuild your home and interior decorate, is the ultimate friend and lover, is financially set for life and he can protect you within a four inch margin of error. So to sum up, he's too damned good to be true. But I can wish and hope and dream. I really, really liked Virgin River. This book didn't ask for much, but it gave a whole lot more in return. Mel's depth of character was beautiful to behold and when she breaks down as only a grieving widow can do, I just soaked up the emotion for the wonderful thing it was. This really was a lovely book built around a solid group of characters and I loved it. I was happy as a clam once I finished and was still enjoying the afterglow only a really good book can give you when I looked up and found myself back in my messy home, with rainwater being blown in through my open patio doors, my puppy happily tearing into a pile of newspapers, with a pee stain right next to her, and all I could do was laugh.

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-11-21 03:48

    I've had this on my shelf to read for what seems like forever. The ratings are outstanding for every single book in this now eighteen plus book series, and now I understand why. The story is very slow moving but I never got bored. Life in Virgin River is easygoing...a small town atmoshphere in which everyone knows everyone and they're all there for each other. When Mel moves to Virgin River in a spur of the moment decision in answer to an add placed for a nurse, she is under-impressed at first. I LOVE how this town isn't portrayed as a postcard picture perfect small town. It's a tad run down, with few modern ameneties and luxuries. But the PEOPLE are what make Virgin River so great. People like Jack, the bar owner with a past who immediately sees the hurt hiding behind the calm exterior of the new nurse/midwife. It takes a long time for Mel to open up to anyone. She's left the big city behind along with her memories of her recently deceased husband and the perfect life they shared there. She's come to get away from the knowing stares and the constant reminders of the man she loved but will never see again. And she finds peace in this town. But it takes a long, lonely time. This is her journey, a months long lonely story of a sweet romance and a multitude of new friendships...a story of the utter devastation of letting go because you have to and moving on because you choose to.This was a lovely introduction into a much anticipated series for me. I met a fabulous cast of characters and I'm more excited now to delve deeper into this community than ever! Preacher's story is up next. The unconventional character is always my favorite!!My thanks to my GR friend Lexa for the final push to picking up this book!!

  • Jonetta
    2019-11-07 06:44

    I absolutely loved this book. The romance between Mel and Jack progressed realistically and the sense of community in the town was enviable. Carr does an admirable job in creating a completely different value system that works. The conflicts presented are also normal and the appropriate timeline was used for resolution without dragging the reader through the pain of inevitability.I'm invested in this series and am on to the second book.

  • Corrine
    2019-11-13 03:57

    Full Disclosure:This book features one of my least favorite tropes, the still grieving widow(er) who is consumed with guilt at find new love. Of course, this did skew my reaction to this book.Nevertheless, I did enjoy this book when it wasn't weighed down by Mel's grief and guilt. Honestly, Jack made this book for me, although half the time, I just felt sorry for him. But he's a great male protagonist: patient, protective, caring, and he has a past that rounds his character out. Mel, on the other hand, I had a hard time warming up to. At times she was funny and real, and at other times I just wanted to slap her. What she had to deal with was very hard and very painful, but, IMO, if she wasn't ready for a real relationship with Jack, she should have just told him to back off. And there's one aspect of the beginning of their intimate relationship that really made me uncomfortable. The secondary characters and the town were well-developed and definitely made me want to go back for more (although I am already not looking forward to any book that features Liz --- I just hope there's some reasonable explanation for her somewhere). Even though it was slightly predictable and not one of my favorite plots, the story was still richly characterized and tightly woven. B-

  • Pam Nelson
    2019-11-23 04:51

    5 Virgin River StarsMelinda, recently widowed midwife needs to get out from the cloud of grief she is under. So when the opportunity comes along to move to a small town she takes her shot. Jack a former U.S. Marine turned owner/co-owner of a bar/restaurant habitual playboy. Not ready to settle down. Take one look at Mel and he is sunk. The book was so well written, I feel in love with this town these characters I don’t want to do anything but read! This was a first for me by this author and it will NOT be the last by any means. This small town has buried there way in to my heart. *You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.*

  • Kristen
    2019-11-08 01:29

    4 Stars These books are the perfect "getting into the holiday spirit" type of read. They have a quaint, almost Hallmark-movie type feel to them that leaves me feeling uplifted. That said, I don't think I'd have the patience to read them, as they're not as couple centered as I prefer in my romances. However, I've loved listening to them as I go about my day.

  • Chan
    2019-10-24 08:35

    So glad I didn’t give up on this authorWriting: Robyn Carr is another author that is able to write and include all of the senses. I felt like if I visited Virgin River I would know the town like the back of my hand. The one issue about her writing is her word usage. Mel (MC) is from L.A. why is she using words like tiddly. I’m not usually a big fan of 3rd person narration when there is more than 1 POV because I get confused. However, Robyn had beautiful transitions from 1 POV to the next. No confusion here. Characters: Jack and Mel are the MCs. Jack is an all-around good guy and ex-Marine. Mel is a mess.Storyline: Mel’s start to Virgin River is a little rocky because of an unfulfilled contract. However, Jack takes one look at her and wants her to stay and goes about to make that happen. Along the way we meet all of the town’s folk.Even though we met all of the town’s people, Robyn used Mel and Jack as the base of the story. Which she did not do in Thunder Point and it felt all over the place. I had a couple issues like, there were times I had a hard time following the dialog. It didn’t flow. And her best friend’s husband gave her a pap, which just seems weird. Intimacy Scenes: These sections were sweet. However, I really disliked the narration of Jack having sex with someone else. It was before him and Mel got together, but I hated that scene!Overall: I’m really glad that I gave Robyn another try because I really enjoyed this book a lot.

  • Fanny
    2019-11-20 01:29

    Virgin River es el primer libro de la serie con el mismo nombre escrita por Robyn Carr y narra la historia de Jack y Mel.Desde hace algunas semanas me apetecia leer algo de este estilo : romantico y sencillo, sin tramas complejas y rebuscadas, ademas esta saga me recordo a la de Susan Mallery y aunque esa fue una de las razones principales por la que inicie esta lectura, me alegro de haberlo hecho porque fue diferente a lo que imaginaba.Si, tienen muchos aspectos en comun pero la historia en si no es nada parecida a las de Fool´s Gold.Virgin River no es la mejor novela que he leido, ni tampoco es inolvidable pero es una buena opcion cuando estas un poco harta de leer sobre lo mismo una y otra vez, este tipo de libro me gusta leerlo para relajarme, es la clase de historia que te entretiene aunque luego sea facil de olvidar.Ahora a por el segundo, creo que estos libros seran mis ultimas lecturas del año.2.75 Estrellas!

  • Beanbag Love
    2019-11-08 01:27

    This is a really good start to a series, if only for the location. I've actually visited that area of Northern California and I think Carr does a great job of creating the atmosphere for the reader.When we begin the story, Melinda Monroe is on her way to Virgin River to take a year assignment as a nurse practitioner/midwife. She's desperately grieving her late husband, murdered in LA just nine months before. She's running away from the chaos of the urban ER and the pitying looks of her friends and colleagues. A quaint little town seems like just the ticket.But, when she gets to her promised lodging she sees that everything has been misrepresented to her. The cabin she's expected to live in is old, trashed and falling apart. The doctor she's supposed to work with isn't expecting her and doesn't want her. Nothing is quaint or cute. The only bright spot is a bar, owned by Jack Sheridan, across the street from the doctor's office. Since Mel makes up her mind immediately to make a hasty exit from this situation, she has one foot out the door for at least the first half of the book. Things happen and she decides she'll stay another few days, then another few weeks and then maybe another month and then ... well, it's a romance novel.Jack is a great hero. He's a veteran who loves fishing, hunting and serving drinks in his bar. He's the town favorite, taking care of people as his talents warrant. He's also darned sexy. An ex-US marine, he's still in buff shape and has a simply, decent outlook on life.Mel is a bit more complicated. She's very well rendered as a transplanted city girl. Naive in that way that only the sophisticated urbanite can be, she makes up for it by being a fast learner. And having a lot of compassion and competence at her job. I thought the chemistry between the two leads was exceptional. They hit it off right from the start and never had any manufactured fights. The development of their relationship was very natural and lovely.The book loses a star because it started meandering right after they hooked up. They became a couple and the story just lost all its focus. I kept wondering 'where is this thing going?' It is, of course, a setup for a whole series, so some things were not fully dealt with. That's fine, but I didn't see, as a reader, what the overall goal of the story was supposed to be. Not that I should be able to see what's going to happen next, more that I should feel there's a 'finish line'. The ending of the book felt almost arbitrary. Part of the problem (a very small part) was that I bought this as part of a bundle on my Kindle. So, the percentages don't pertain to this book, but to all four books. That can throw you off when you're looking to see how much more of the book you've got. But the story arc should be clear enough that you can basically get an idea for yourself and that didn't happen.So, this is a very solid four star read. I loved the setting, I loved most of the characters (although the jury's out on Hope), and the romance was strong and lovely. The arc and organization was lacking, but that lack certainly didn't cause disaster. I've already started the second book in the series so I'm obviously not put off. I'm on board for the long hall. :D

  • Sally
    2019-11-18 05:39

    Thank goodness this was cheap. It's like Twilight for adults with baby driven wish fulfillment fantasies.I found the characters likeable and empathetic, unfortunately too much so. The plot was lame, the premise of why the protagonist stayed on in the town totally unbelievable, the dialogue simplistic and the whole book consistently told what was going on rather than showing us. All conflict was resolved within a few paragraphs (if not sentences); and I was accurately predicting the progress of the book throughout, occasionally to the paragraph. You' d think one purple heart would be enough to establish the masculinity of a war hero for a simple piece of chick lit; but no, Jack, the modest, baby loving, previously non-committal ex-marine had three - and a swag of further decorations besides. The protagonist, Mel, was a recently bereaved widow who had been infertile with her much loved but unfortunately murdered husband; but Jack was (and I quote) "potent enough for the both of us" to overcome her chronic infertility issues the first time they had sex.I didn't mind the book too much throughout the first half but when Jack rescued Mel from a drug addict with a knife at her throat, I'm pretty sure we didn't need to know that he was wearing nothing but his jeans with the zip done up but not the button. And the end where the menfolk of the town set off in a posse to rid the local woods of undesirables and came back having bonded over shooting a bear just did me in. (see from 58 secs of the following) Having got to like these characters, it's possible that I might pick up the second book if I find myself short of something better to read. However if you want any challenge in your reading material, I suggest you steer well clear. If you like your wish fulfillment fantasies sugar coated, shallow and baby focussed, it might be just what you're looking for.

  • Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔
    2019-11-12 03:28

    Did I read the same book as everyone else? Because there are so many great reviews, I wonder if I read something else.This was my first book by Robyn Carr and I should point out firstly that I didn't like the writing style. RC is a teller rather than a shower, and just the execution kept me from really engaging with the characters. My preference for reading is third person, past tense, which is what this book is, but somehow it didn't work for me. There were also some weird references that dated the book - like "fanny" was used more than once. And "boy howdy" just made the heroine seem old. At 17% we read about Jack having sex with someone else, and she may as well have been a blow up doll, he was so uninvolved (since he "didn't know where he was or with whom" WTF?? But not to worry he had sex with the OW again, throwing her a bone because he actually thought about her that time). I was a little disgusted to be honest, even though Jack had only spoken to Mel like twice, he was interested in her. This is just a personal preference of mine. There was no commitment at all between them, I would have just rather not read the details about it. Anyhoo moving on, there was no chemistry between Jack and Mel. They spend so much of the book apart - Mel still married to her late husband in her mind, and Jack just hanging around. I felt the story overall was boring, the main characters and secondary characters were boring, and I contemplated DNFing it several times, but I kept going hoping it would get better. It didn't. I should have DNFd.

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-11-19 06:34

    Carr develops this novel with a flair for scenery. Virgin River comes to life in a big way. I thoroughly enjoyed how Carr allowed me to picture each and every aspect of the area and its people. Carr presents a well-rounded introduction to Virgin River as a whole. At the same time, she creates an emotionally fulfilling, wildly exciting novel that brings all the aspects of life forward. The story was full of plot twists that kept me from guessing what would happen next. There were definitely a few ‘Holy Cow! I didn’t see that coming’ moments that had me exclaiming out loud. I loved this 1st look at Jack. He’s so much fun to get to know. The mix of strong warrior with caring gentleman was fantastic. I appreciate the gradual nature of Mel’s acceptance of Virgin River and of her growing relationship with Jack. I loved Mrs. McCrea. Her busibodyness and hopes for Virgin River’s future were fantastic. Carr has penned the perfect start to her Virgin River series with this novel. I loved every aspect of it, from the heartbreaking loss to the budding romance, beautiful scenery to frightening suspense. I will definitely be continuing this series and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the novel to others.

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-11-12 05:47

    A cute and well written romantic story with great and lovely characters. It is about moving on with your life after a tragedy. It left me depressed in the end. Don't worry, that's just me.I mean, Mel comes to a place of only a few hundred people and finds someone like Jack! I know I should accept it because it is that type of story, but it annoyed me. Again, that's just me. Anyone who likes reading contemporary romance in a really small town setting (view spoiler)[(where I doubt you could find someone like Jack) (hide spoiler)] may like this book.

  • Brooklyn JoJo
    2019-11-09 08:37

    3.75 stars. An ok read, it was well written but a bit long and drawn out, with a few sections that were quite tedious to get through. It also felt way too predictable and not very deep, but there was nothing seriously bad about the book - except the price tag... Definitely not worth 6.99...

  • Quinn
    2019-11-17 06:30

    What a wonderful book. I really enjoyed Virgin River, and I’m not sure exactly why. It was just such a comfortable and pleasant read. Kind of like putting on your comfiest slippers, your snuggly dressing gown and curling up in front of a fire with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows at your elbow, listening to the rain patter on a tin roof.. Maybe a golden retriever curled at your feet. Just…… comfortable. Nice. Peaceful. Relaxed. Rejuvenating. Content. In fact, that would be the perfect way to read this book. As it was, I read it heading into summer and the experience didn’t suffer.I like to shuffle up my reading to keep things fresh, so I alternate between historical romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy and contemporary romance. The trouble is, it has been a long while since I read a contemporary romance that I enjoyed as much as the other genres. Nora Roberts is the only one who comes to mind that is consistently reliable, but even her latest quartet failed to impress.Well, thank heavens for Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series. The drought has officially broken.When recently widowed Melinda Monroe is no longer able to cope living with constant reminders and memories of life with her husband, she desperately needs to escape and doesn’t allow herself time to over-think things. In the space of a couple of weeks, she answers a Help Wanted ad, sells the house and most of her belongings, and leaves her friends behind for a job in remote Virgin River, population six hundred.It is immediately apparent that she has made a mistake. But, against the odds and Mel’s own expectations, life in this small town manages to weave its charm around her. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Jack Sheridan is quietly adding his own irresistible charm to the mix. Ahhhh, Jack. What a man. He is damn near perfect in every way. Surely too good to be true, but who cares? He has definitely earned a place as one of my favourite heroes of all time.The author quietly and subtly immerses the reader into the town of Virgin River, with its rich landscape and people. The writing is somehow captivating, and I found myself just completely absorbed by the story. There are no convoluted plotlines, Big Misunderstandings or any of the other devices oft used. Just a straightforward, honest and entertaining read.As an aside, you do not have to like babies to enjoy this story, any more than you need to like war to enjoy a military romance. Mel is a midwife, that is her job, so yes, it is integral to her part of the story to have the occasional celebration of childbirth. But these scenes are not lengthy or even frequent. I think there might have been three or four over the course of this nearly 400 page novel.I am so pleased to have found another wonderful series that I have waited far too long to read.

  • Kari
    2019-11-19 03:45

    This is the first book in the Virgin River series. It's a sweet story about Melinda, a nurse/midwife who leaves LA and accepts a job in a small town called Virgin River. Melinda lost her husband tragically the year before and is anxious to start over somewhere new and different. Her first impression of the town is not too positive, however the town and its people grow on her slowly, and of course eventually she makes it her home.Mel meets Jack in Virgin River. He's a retired war soldier who is caring, patient and sweet. He's also a bar owner who lives for the town and its people. He loves Mel, but he's resigned to be second-best in her heart, as she is still mourning her husband. His patience pays off as Mel slowly opens her heart again.The book revolves mostly around her feelings and her acceptance of her husband's death and current circumstances. She deals with the idea that it's ok to love again and live her life to the fullest without feeling guilt. The story also focuses on the lives and activities of the townfolk. We see how the set-up is built for later stories. The descriptions of the setting and surroundings were perfect, so it was easy for me to feel like I was there. I love how she found deer hanging out in her garden and goes fishing with Jack. The sense of community and acceptance is portrayed well too. The love story moves slowly, which made it more realistic. A great start to the series and lovely book if you're in the mood to snuggle with a warm, relaxing and sweet romance.

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    2019-11-07 06:50

    4 solid stars.I just loved this book. I'm probably the only person, seriously into reading romance novels, who hasn't read this author or series. Rather interesting why really. I didn't like the covers. They looked a bit cheesy and kind of "Debbie Macomber" like. I'm not a huge fan of DM. I suppose she is good, but too light for me normally. Maybe a good airport read. Call me a romance snob, but based on the covers, I thought this author and series rather too light for me. WRONG!I liked everything about this book. It takes place in a small town I'd love to visit some time. Loved the characters; primary and secondary. People you'd like to get to know, have coffee or drinks with. At the end, people you really care about. And I LOVE how she builds you to or takes you to the next story. Very classic.I really can't say anything new, or anything different from others who have reviewed before me. Suffice it to say, I immediately started reading #2 and plan to move on down the line. This is a series I can see myself reading over and over again. A very nice comfort read. Sure to deliver just what is needed when nothing else will satisfy.Why not 5 stars. I can just tell, this author has more up her sleeve. I think book #1 is only scratching the surface. This was a comfortable read for me, but no strong emotion; laugh out loud, crying, tingling, etc. For me, a 5 star read evokes some strong emotion, great back story, and / or huge imagination. This was comfortable. Nothing wrong in that and I'm reading more. What more can I say?Very nice!Happy Reading!

  • Christa
    2019-11-05 04:49

    I loved this book. The sense of community and small town America was really appealing to me and left me feeling nostalgic for the small towns in which I have lived. The characters were enjoyable, especially the hero, Jack - he was so patient and willing to take care of everyone while also being very masculine and appealing. I liked the heroine also, and enjoyed watching not only her relationship with Jack develop, but also the one with the crusty town doctor. I am getting ready to read the next book in the series, Shelter Mountain, and I am looking forward to revisiting the characters in this town. This was the first novel that I have read by this author, but I will definitely continue this series and look for some of her other books. This was a great, fast read.