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"When I decided to be a vet, I knew that I wanted to be a dog doctor, so I could spend all my time with dogs." - from the IntroductionJames Herriot would go on to become so much more than a dog doctor. But no animal was dearer to his heart, and no animal provided him with more heartwarming and wonderful tales. With over a million copies sold, James Herriot's Favorite Dog S"When I decided to be a vet, I knew that I wanted to be a dog doctor, so I could spend all my time with dogs." - from the IntroductionJames Herriot would go on to become so much more than a dog doctor. But no animal was dearer to his heart, and no animal provided him with more heartwarming and wonderful tales. With over a million copies sold, James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories has inspired dog lovers the world over. After being out of print for many years, it is now again available in an affordable, beautifully repackaged hardcover edition, filled with original watercolors that illustrate Herriot's charming and wholesome tales. This classic heartwarming collection of ten stories about dogs - from border collies and sheepdogs to the exploits of Tricki Woo, the unforgettable Pekinese - by the late author of All Creatures Great and Small is prefaced by a moving introduction from Herriot himself - the very last piece of writing the beloved author ever completed. So, follow the master veterinarian as he journeys through Yorkshire, caring for big dogs and small with his characteristic gentleness and peace, profound observation, and deep, loving humor.A warm and joyful collection of James Herriot’s loving tales of our furry friends. From delightful old favorites like Tricki Woo to heartwarming stories of Brandy, Hermann, Jock, and more. James Herriot’s Favorite Dog Stories is a must-have for any dog lover.Contains:“Tricki Woo Goes Crackerdog” * “Prince and the Card Above the Bed” * “Jock Top Dog” * Tricki Woo “A Triumph of Surgery” * “Jake Rides into Town”* Gyp “Only One Woof” * Roy “From Rags to Riches” * Tricki Woo “A Judge of Form” * Hermann “A Happy Ending” * Brandy “The Dustbin Dog”...

Title : James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories
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James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories Reviews

  • Jean Poulos
    2019-11-02 06:09

    I have a stack of very long books to read. They seem a bit overwhelming for me to start at this time of year. Therefore, I turned to some of my favorite short stories that have always helped me unwind and they leave me feeling good.This book is a collection of stories about dogs. The dogs range from Border Collie farm dogs to spoiled Pekingese. This is a memoir so we have Herriot’s personal viewpoint of this large animal veterinary practice that has small animal care. Herriot states he enjoys the small animals the most but in his day the large farm animals were what his training emphasized and was his main income. I always enjoy Herriot’s delightful stories.I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible. The book is three hours. Christopher Timothy does a good job narrating the book. Timothy is a Welsh actor and played Herriot in the BBC production of “All Things Great and Small”. He is an award-winning audiobook narrator

  • Ashley
    2019-11-17 09:02

    No one does animal stories like James Herriot. He writes from more than 50 years’ experience as a veterinarian in rural North Yorkshire, but with such lovely prose that you almost—almost—wonder if he missed his true calling: This was the real Yorkshire with the clean limestone wall riding the hill’s edge and the path cutting brilliant green through the crowding heather. And, walking face on to the scented breeze, I felt the old tingle of wonder at being alone on the wide moorland where nothing stirred and the spreading miles of purple blossom and green turf reached away until it met the hazy blue of the sky.Rather than limit himself to one calling or the other, Herriot took the two—animal doctor, scribe—and merged them to produce something quite wonderful: the charming veterinary tales he wrote in his later years. If you’ve read his memoirs, the stories in this book will be familiar—but I was pleasantly surprised to find this is much more than just a regrouping of old stories, for a couple of reasons. First, the introduction that precedes these stories (stories that Herriot himself handpicked for the collection) is the last piece of writing he ever completed. Slipping into those words felt like sitting down with a dear friend. Herriot recalls that his love of dogs began in childhood, when he discovered the joys of watching his Irish setter, Don, scent rabbits on the hillside and sleep in front of the fire, “whiffling little noises” as dreaming dogs do. Second, the hardcover edition is filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations of dogs and of Darrowby, the fictional name of the town where Herriot practiced. I don’t read a lot of illustrated books these days, and lingering over these pictures, I thought, Why not? I should take a number from Alice and demand more books with pictures! The watercolors capture a cross-bred greyhound whose master pushes him around the countryside on a pram, a sheepdog who only barked once, and a pampered Pekingese named Tricki Woo, whose owner describes his ailments in mysterious terms like “going flopbott.”A favorite passage: As the years passed I often pondered on the beneficent providence which had decreed that an animal which had spent his first twelve months abandoned and unwanted, staring uncomprehendingly into that unchanging, stinking darkness, should be whisked in a moment into an existence of light and movement and love. Because I don’t think any dog had it quite so good as [he did] from then on. Escaping to Yorkshire with Herriot is a breath of fresh air. I hope to return there soon.*Received through a GoodReads First Reads giveaway*

  • Jan
    2019-10-26 09:23

    Back in the 70s my mom and I read All Creatures Great and Small together, the first book in James Herriot's warm and funny series about the life of a country vet in Yorkshire. We loved that one so much that we continued on with the next three books All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Things Wise and Wonderful, and The Lord God Made Them All in the series also. We both got such a kick out of them. Some of the stories were funny, some were sad, others completely entertaining. The one thing they all had in common was that they were written by a masterful storyteller. Reading this small book of the author's favorite dog stories brought back many happy memories of time spent with my mom reading those stories and sharing something together that we loved. I wish she could have been here with me to read these stories again. She would have loved that, and I would have too.

  • Sol González
    2019-11-17 09:22

    Teniendo dos perros y una creciente afición de leer a James Herriot, no pude más que hacer de "Historias de Perros" mi segundo libro de este autor.Simplemente me encantó.Agustín se reía de mí, cuando de repente a sus espaldas yo gritaba la raza de un perro del que no había escuchado y le decía "¡Mira! Este es un XXXX". Google fue la delicia para mí. Yo quería ver cada uno de los perros de los que me hablaba.Habían razas conocidas, otras no tanto... y una que google no me supo encontrar. Sin embargo yo a todos los imaginaba hermosos. Me encantaron todas las historias, desde los grandes y sordos logros los cuales sólo presencia el dueño del perro, hasta los dolorosos fracasos.En cada caminata le iba contando a Agustín la historia del perro en la que me había quedado y todas ellas fueron fantásticas. Voy por otro libro de James Herriot.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-11-10 08:19

    James Herriot's passion for animals and for his work is clearly reflected in all of these amazing stories. Great read if you love animals or memoirs. :)

  • Amy
    2019-11-05 01:23

    I enjoyed the 10 stories that Mr. Herriot put together in this collection. It was interesting to read about the different personalities of the dogs and their owners as the vet made his rounds to help them out. This is a nice book to share with the family.

  • Bettie☯
    2019-10-24 01:09

    Written by James Herriot - Audio book performed by Christopher Timothy (plays Herriot in the popular BBC series) - Unabridged Nonfiction - 2 CASSETTES - 3 hoursPublisher, Audio Renaissance (September 1996)"In this sequel to his 1994 Favorite Cat Stories, the erstwhile veterinarian spins more loving yarns of the animal world; this time, though, the heartwarming tales are about dogs, and dog lovers will certainly be satisfied. The nine stories that make up this slim volume range from moving and poignant (old dogs, dying dogs, dying dog owners) to clever and silly (fat, spoiled, pompous little dogs, absurdly doting owners) to fond reminiscences of Herriot's own pets. Herriot, who died in 1995, was the author of several books both for adults and for children and is popular for the love, warmth, and humor expressed in his work and the keen insights inherent in his writing, derived from years of veterinary work. This posthumous piece is no exception; fans of Herriot's previous works and animal lovers everywhere will enjoy this collection." --Kathleen Hughes, BooklistThis enchanting program collects some of the Yorkshire vet's favorite stories about one of his favorite animals, each tale as memorable and heartwarming as the last. Christopher Timothy, the star of television's All Creatures Great and Small, and the acknowledged "voice" of Dr. Herriot, lovingly narrates this new collection of the good doctor's canine encounters.Here are tales of golden retrievers and sheepdogs, beagles and dachshunds, purebreds and crossbreeds and just plain mutts -- and, of course, Tricki Woo, Mrs. Pumphrey's memorable Pekinese. Each tale is suffused with the humor, wisdom and humanity of one of the greatest storytellers of our time: James Herriot.About the Author: James Herriot lived with his wife and family in Yorkshire, England, where his son has now taken over his veterinary practice. Among Herriot’s international bestsellers are All Creatures Great and Small and The Lord God Made Them All. He died in February 1995.About the Performer: Christopher Timothy starred as James Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small, the internationally renowned BBC television series based on Herriot’s work. Mr. Timothy is a thirty-year veteran of stage, screen, and television.

  • Kimberly
    2019-10-28 06:59

    It was cute and I recommend it to all animal lovers. This books has been sitting on my bookcase since I was 7 years old when it got given to me as a Christmas present from my uncle and it took me 14 years to read it and I read it mostly in one shot. Definately a 5 star read for me. It would be a good book to read to kids as well. This book was my introduction to James Herriot and usually I don't enjoy books that are broken up into different stories but I found this one to be most enjoyable.James Herriot, a Yorkshire country veterinarian offers up some rather funny, and cute heartwarming stories that are based loosely based on his animal patients and their comical owners. Each story was beautifully illustrated and made the book that much more special. Maybe I liked this book because I'm an animal lover at heart and others may not think that this book deserves a 5 star rating but the ratings are up to the person doing the rating. I will definately be reading more by this author. This is one book that I shall always be keeping with me and I plan on reading it to my children one day.

  • Tom Donaghey
    2019-11-13 07:16

    JAMES HERRIOT’S FAVORITE DOG STORIES is a small collection of previously released tales. Either you love the Late Mr. Herriot’s stories about his life and adventures as a veterinarian in and about Yorkshire, England, or you have never read his work at all. Here are ten short stories about dogs that have played a part in his life, but mostly this is about the owners of those animals. The stories range from the itinerant farm laborer whose pram contained both his pebble-ingesting dog and his worldly possessions, to rich Mrs. Pumphrey and her over-indulged Pom Tricki Woo. These stories can fill you with joy yet break your heart. In some cases it seems almost cruel that these loving little animals live only a short time in the span of a person’s life, yet can give so much joy and happiness. These stories all reflect that sentiment. I won this book through Goodreads.

  • Beth
    2019-10-27 01:23

    It had been a long time since I'd wandered the Yorkshire moors with veterinarian and author James Herriot, but reading this lovely collection of some of his favorite dog stories made me feel like I'd spent time with an old friend. It also makes me want to return to Yorkshire via his longer memoirs, which I read many, many years ago in high school. I suspect I may have gravitated toward this book because I'm missing my mother, who passed away about six months ago. She loved both dogs and storytelling, and I think she could have written her own book of animal tales (though hers would have been the tales of a dog-walker and pet-sitter in Virginia). Reading this book made me long to call her up to share some of my favorite passages. She would have recognized and loved so many of the dog personalities that Herriot captures here so beautifully.

  • Kalen
    2019-11-03 06:03

    I really enjoy reading James Herriot's stories. These dog stories are some of my favourite. The format of several individual short accounts of different dogs really worked well for my bed time reading.

  • Kimberly
    2019-11-21 08:13

    It was good but, sad. I am a dog lover and it was very emotional for me to read it. That is why it took me so long to read it.

  • Michelle Spencer
    2019-11-22 08:25

    I never regret a stroll through the memoirs of James Herriot. :)

  • Houseyr
    2019-11-09 09:03

    The editor selected existing portions of chapters as short stories, from All Creatures Great and Small, possibly also from sequels. These excerpts are strictly about dogs. Witty, sensitive, endearing, and sometimes whimsical, Herriot is a fantastic author. He is one of my top 10 all-time favorite authors. He is excellent at weaving imagery and laying setting.

  • Phoebe
    2019-10-28 04:27

    A wonderful read about the different humans and dogs James encountered during his vet life.

  • Kim Hampton
    2019-11-03 03:17

    A collection of some of James Herriot's best loved dog stories. Would be a perfect introduction to his books for any animal lover.

  • Donatella
    2019-10-31 09:06

    Alcune tra le storie più belle dai libri di Herriot. Un libro troppo corto per una storia quarantennale.

  • Jeeps
    2019-11-22 02:04

    I really need to read his full works now.

  • Shweta
    2019-10-25 06:23

    Absolutely lovely! Read it from start to finish in one sitting.

  • Gerda Leek
    2019-11-21 08:20

    good books - I liked them all when I read them years ago

  • Nicholas Clinch
    2019-11-22 06:18

    Our favorites are about Gyp & Jock!

  • Pamela
    2019-10-30 08:14

    This timeless classic, though small in stature and short in length, is a profound gem sure to delight dog lovers and animal lovers for years and years to come. It certainly is a book I treasure. James Herriot's writing and Lesley Holmes' watercolor illustrations, along with Keri Resnick's paw-print embossed jacket design are all exceptionally beautiful.Each of the stories exemplifies Dr. Herriot's innate ability to lovingly connect with his four-legged patients as well as their human companions - who can be quite persnickety and sometimes downright eccentric. Ah, the joys of diversity in all its forms as told through the gifted pen of a humble, kindhearted country vet. And though I thought each story was wonderful in its own special way, my favorites are: "Jake: Rides Into Town" "Hermann: Happy Endings" and "Brandy: The Dustbin Dog." My favorite landscape painting can be found on pages 132/133. And my favorite canine photo is on page 153 of Brandy: The Dustbin Dog; perhaps that's because I have a soft spot for fun-loving mutts. Full disclosure: I received this anthology of short stories directly from St. Martin's Press through the Goodreads First-Reads Giveaway program with the expectation of writing a review. Thank you St. Martin's Press and Goodreads.

  • Dominique Saxey-Santillo
    2019-11-04 07:17

    James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories are a collection of his 10 best dog stories, and are written as if you are standing in the same room as Herriot. It appears, occasionally, almost like a song, or a poem. However, there were run-on sentences among other grammatical errors commonly made when speaking. These were minor, and did not affect the reading much, just making it more real. I would continue reading the rest of the short stories and longer tales, as they are very good. The vocabulary is advanced, with words such as "affluent", among others. An understanding of English culture would not be missed, as well as a knowledge of the thirties and dog breeds. Occasionally, quotes such as "When t'owd feller died he was about skint". Skint is slang for penniless, or having no money. Overall, James Herriots' stories about the dogs he had known cared for, and sometimes pronounced dead, are touching, joyful, and good for anyone who wishes to become a vet, or enjoys animal stories.

  • Eric
    2019-10-23 05:11

    Disclaimer: I won this book through a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.This new edition is largely like James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories, ISBN 0-312-14631-0, which has been a beloved member of the family library for ages. It has the same wonderful illustrations and would be best read by adult readers.That being said, of considerable economic interest, the First United States Edition, of James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories, ISBN 0-312-14631-0, published in September, 1996, had a hardcover issue price $17.95. This, Second United States Edition, of the aforementioned title, ISBN 978-1-250-05814-0, published November, 2014, has a hardcover issue price of $18.99. You can be assured, that if you were to factor in eighteen (18) years of inflation, today's copy is unquestionably a real bargain!Kudos to St. Martin's Press for republishing this work and keeping it at an affordable price!

  • David H. Millar
    2019-11-09 01:16

    I was delighted to win the giveaway for Favorite Dog Stories by James Herriot and looked forward to being reacquainted with characters I had not visited for several decades. I was not disappointed. The book itself should be on every bedside and coffee table. This slim hardback volume contains wonderful watercolors that perfectly illustrate scenes from the various stories. Although focused on the various dog characters, the book is a delightful study of the interaction of the animals and their owners set against the background of a Yorkshire village. Herriot’s gift for storytelling is such that he effortlessly blends all the elements of a good tale and makes reading a pleasure. This is a book that will be well-thumbed over. Buy it, you will never be unhappy with your choice.

  • Caroline Blain
    2019-10-28 03:58

    These are short stories written by James herriot. Some of these were in his books and some were later in his life and were not in the books. Though it may seem strange to read the full book and then read the short stories, it's kinda cool to read them over.This book was about all of his all time favorite dog stories. Because like he's going to tell you in the beginning he likes dog much better then all the rest of his creatures are that he takes care of. He truly is a gifted writer. I gave this book 5 stars because it is a short or quick book to finish with many greatly written stories in it.

  • Charissa Wilkinson
    2019-11-20 02:07

    I received this book as part of the Goodreads’ First Reads program for a fair review.Overview: Dr. Herriot has let us share some of His favorite stories of his favorite animal. How did no one realize he was gifted with these animals in school? Must have been because horse were the power behind most of the transportation at that time.Likes: The stories weren’t too graphic. In fact the stories were comfortable to read. I would have no problem with reading this book to a child.Dislikes: I didn’t find anything to dislike here.Conclusion: This is a book for the family. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

  • Duffy
    2019-10-27 09:15

    for some odd reason all the different editions and versions of the longer book are included in this one title in Goodreads. I had an easier time getting the short version highlighting Herriot's FAVOURITE dog stories in an edition that was only a hundred plus pages long. my local library had two copies - one in non-fiction and one in the children's section. since i needed something for a weekend vacation this copy was much preferable to the larger 400+ page original. Either way the illustrations were wonderful but the pawprints over the pagination were annoying.

  • Minato-ISB
    2019-11-12 01:18

    This book is really touching as well as heartbroken story.This story is based on what James Herriot experienced during his life as a dog doctor. So he sometimes has to face to his favorite and beloved dogs' deaths. Since I have a dog, it was so easy to connect to his feeling toward the dogs. I also learned many facts about dogs. I have been loving dogs for years but this book made me loving dogs even more.

  • Sandy
    2019-11-10 04:19

    Pressie from my guy at Christmas. Yummy, sweet, tender, funny & heartbreaking.Herriot, always wonderful and absorbing and sweet. I adore animals and appreciate Herriot's compassion and gentle manners..... what a gem of a man too. I've read pieces in this numerous times. They are each wonderful and dear stories about everyday animals and the people who love them.A wonderful book for kids and grownup kids too..... anyone who loves critters.