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After being dumped because her bottom looks like an unpeeled orange, discovering she’s heavy enough to appear on The Biggest Loser and mistaken for a pregnant woman, Olivia Merrifield is understandably depressed. So depressed, that the only way she can console herself is with a bag of peppermint slices.Since finishing her degree, the road has become rocky for Olivia. Her lAfter being dumped because her bottom looks like an unpeeled orange, discovering she’s heavy enough to appear on The Biggest Loser and mistaken for a pregnant woman, Olivia Merrifield is understandably depressed. So depressed, that the only way she can console herself is with a bag of peppermint slices.Since finishing her degree, the road has become rocky for Olivia. Her longing for a baby has led to an unhealthy relationship with cake. Her inability to choose a boyfriend who’s not married, weird or a player has given her self-esteem a swift kick to the kerb. Moving back to her hometown of Merrifield hasn’t helped either. Her friends are playing happy families and her mother is on her case — when she’s not joining a Kama Sutra yoga class or taking a younger lover, that is.Deciding it’s time to make over her life, Olivia embarks on a diet regime. She meets the gorgeous Cole Anderson, a former property renovator who’s recently moved to town and is causing quite a stir every time he bends over. But between grieving the death of his daughter, setting up a business and avoiding the bevy of reporters who want to document his every move, Cole hasn’t had a lot of time to get life back on an even keel. He’s merely existing until Olivia comes along.Cole likes Olivia and Olivia definitely likes Cole. He’s hot, sensible and a natural with babies.If only he didn’t own that cupcake shop across the road…....

Title : Thin Girls Don't Eat Cake
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Thin Girls Don't Eat Cake Reviews

  • Celia Kennedy
    2019-11-16 08:25

    I laughed out loud from the very first page.We meet Olivia Merrifield just as she is being dumped by a complete weasel. Having fled the big city after a very public and national scandal, Olivia had hoped to return to the small town where she was raised to recuperate and build a new life. Dealt with yet another blow, Olivia decides not to just patch the holes in her armor, but forge a whole new self.Olivia Merrifield is NOT a character we feel sorry for, rather we admire her strength and willingness to do what must be done.As Olivia initiates steps towards a better future, Cole Anderson moves to town. Cole has a past of his own he would like to leave behind. What he willingly brings with him is the dream of his recently deceased daughter Phoebe. A passion for her father's baking, she's made him promise to open a cupcake shop, bedecked in pink, glitter, and all the other trappings of an imaginative twelve year old girl.Cole and Olivia stumble into each others lives. While there is a strong connection between the two, each must face their past, try to understand how to manage the present, hoping one day they can dream of a future.Ms. Dale has created two characters, more real than fiction, that allow us to explore the need for self-discovery and reinvention no matter how old we are, no matter what others might think we have going for us. This touching, funny, and intelligent book is narrated by both Cole and Olivia, which allows us to more fully understand the underpinnings of their lives, when we are allowed into their thoughts, their hearts.Ms. Dales sense of humor must be tremendous, because as we travel through some weighty subject matter, we are kept laughing, being reminded that retaining our sense of humor in the toughest of times, is the very best medicine.

  • La La
    2019-10-25 01:34

    WTF?! Read the summary... WTF... then eat some fucking cake. :/

  • Marina
    2019-10-29 06:37

    Olivia is being dumped by her boyfriend just because he thinks she is not that attractive with her clothes off. That guy Connor thinks she is fat. Following her mother's advice she starts zumba lessons. But as clumsy as she is, she hurts her foot and meets the knight in shining armor. Does Cole also think that she is fat? The story has a great start and I was hooked from the very first page. But as I continued reading I've found the writing style little bit confusing. I had a feeling that two different people were writing the book. The story starts as a chicklit with lots of comic moments. Olivia is the main character and the story is written in first person. And than goes Cole and his emotional story is written in third person, but when Olivia is mentioned in his story, she is also in third person. That confused me little bit. It is ok if the story is told from two different POVs or from main character's POV, but this was like reading two different books. I am not sure if this is the idea of the author or it needs some editing. But that's just me.But the writing style didn't stop me from enjoying the book. I absolutely adore Olivia as a main character. She loves cupcakes, they're her cure for everything. She has her own business, always there when her family and friends need her. There is no such thing as perfection and she is always the last person who finds out the big news, and that quality of hers puts her in lots of troubles. But cupcakes can cure anything, can't they?Another great character is Olivia's mum. Not everyone has a mother like hers. Zumba, yoga, kamasutra, she is very active woman for her age. She has a big mouth sometimes, but she means no harm. Maybe she is not the best mum of the year, but definitely is the best friend forever. Just to clarify, cakes are for everyone :) A cake can really make your day. And Thin Girls Don't Eat Cake is a great chick lit story that can also make your day. So enjoy!

  • Marisa Valle
    2019-11-09 09:37

    I liked Olivia and I really liked Cole & how their relationship developed. It was cool that Olivia didn't fall all over herself trying to hook up with him like all the other women. However, I think there is something really wrong with the assumption that everyone in the book seems to have about her eating disorder. I understand that her friends & family were just trying to be honest with her but I feel as if the constant references to her weight were the root cause of her issues. Olivia's relationship with her mother was completely dysfunctional. I don't understand why she allowed her mother to put her down all the time about her weight and her failed relationships and how Cole was probably out of her league. Mothers shouldn't tell their daughters that crap. They should be supportive AND honest without being cruel and spiteful. Also, what the hell was she doing having an affair with her daughter's ex-boyfriend. I can understand how it happened when she didn't know but after she found out she continued to screw him even knowing how he slept with her own daughter & hurt her. She kind of got what she deserved in the end. However, Olivia should have told her off a long time ago. I love my mother but I would NOT have let her get away with that bs. Her mom was a bitch and her actions belied her words of alleged love. Well, at least Olivia got her happy ending with Cole and the good thing was that Cole liked her since the beginning before she lost all that weight.

  • Susanne Scott
    2019-11-14 01:29

    A funny, great find.This was my first book by this author, and I have to say it was quite good. Being a larger girl myself I was intrigued as to the diet, and relationship. The story of Pheobe was very touching and I loved the whole thing.

  • Susan Cairney
    2019-11-11 04:46

    Yep I like it...probably cos I could relate. Nice lilty book that was a pleasure to read.

  • Cara
    2019-11-20 02:42

    I don't usually delve into this style but this was a fun book. Wouldn't exactly give it any awards, but it's a simple quick read.

  • KelleyC
    2019-11-09 01:22

    One of the worst books I've ever read. bad writing, bad editing, bad story.

  • Nancy
    2019-11-23 06:28

    This was funny and an easy read.

  • Teresa
    2019-11-08 03:30

    I enjoyed this book as a diversion from some of the more serious (sometimes depressing) books I read. I flew through the book, enjoyed the characters and was pleased to see that I could look forward to other titles by this author. However, I was stunned by the number of editing errors so went on the author's website to see if her books are self-published. They are not, but after I get through a couple book club titles I plan to read Dale's "Storm in a B Cup" which she wrote in 2012 during her time in the hospital (impressive use of time & talent) with breast cancer: #1 in Medical Fiction, #1 in Breast Cancer Fiction, #1 in Genre Fiction on Amazon US and #4 on iBooks AU and a bronze medal at the 2015 READER'S FAVOURITE Awards. Oh, yea - she is Australian which appealed to me initially.

  • Lori McD
    2019-11-07 02:36

    I have mixed feelings about this book. The Rom-Com is almost lost in the last quarter of the book, weighed down by some serious, heavy subject matter - no pun intended. I applaud the author for tackling these subjects, but it was a bitter pill in an otherwise multi-layered confection.Part of the problem, IMO, is that the Reader knows more about Cole than Olivia does. We can see the heart-rendering issues that will Threaten Their Love before either of them do. And while Weight Watchers is all about teaching moderation along with portion control and healthy eating and exercise, Olivia believes herself to be a Cake Addict, therefore, unable to partake of even a bit of cake. (And maybe I should give Olivia a break, since she's overcome emotional eating and probably should avoid a cupcakery for awhile to not slip back into old habits.)The tension is almost unbearable. And because we, the Readers, know and anticipate, it's almost anti-climactic when The Big Misunderstanding happens.I think that's why the author felt compelled to take us even deeper... We haven't yet learned the dark side of Olivia's previous engagement. It just feels like too much to overcome all at once. No wonder poor Cole despairs!But is IS a Romance, so that means a happy ending. And we do get one. I just wish it hadn't had to come out of such a dark place, after bringing us such joy, victory, and fun.However... I will check out other books by this Author.

  • Joanne Sexton
    2019-11-08 05:46

    Since her first novel Heart of Glass I have been a big fan of Lindy's work. Her ability to weave a story that keeps you glued to the page is talented. You will laugh, cry and fall in love with her characters from the first page. Cole is a swoon-worthy leading man and Olivia's journey was fabulous to be a part of. Her stories pull you in and don't let go through all the twists and turns until the final page. Thin Girls is just one of the many books by Lindy you'll fall in love with.

  • Adele Simpkins
    2019-11-10 05:38

    Gave this a 2 star ("it was OK") because I just couldn't wade through the last 30% to reach the end! Started out as a believable read but developed into a Harlequin romance novel...nearly as sickly sweet as Cole's cupcake shop! Absolutely loved her previous novel "Storm in a B Cup"...and gave this gem a 5 star rating!

  • Donna Gray
    2019-11-08 01:22

    Cute Bridget Jones likeI liked this book and its main character Olivia. Although she is very much like Bridget but from down under it was still unique enough to keep me interested.

  • Kathy
    2019-11-08 08:30

    What a good book. It made me laugh ... It made me cry ... It made me happy ... What more can one ask for in a book?

  • Kelli Mahoney
    2019-10-27 01:39

    A cute, funny, and laugh out loud book!

  • Jennifer
    2019-10-27 09:47

    I laughed and I cried; right along with Olivia. Loved this book!

  • Amy
    2019-11-18 06:42

    A great beach read! Cutely funny and romantic. Fast to read once you get started.

  • LindaVan Wert
    2019-10-31 04:37

    Easy Read

  • Chastity
    2019-11-20 06:24

    I adored this book. Funny, charming, great easy read. I really wish the author would write a sequel!

  • Renee Sanguinetti
    2019-11-17 09:44

    It was like a chick flick. Predictable but entertaining.

  • Carol Maloney Scott
    2019-10-26 01:38

    This is a fun story with a realistic heroine and a great supporting cast. The mother is especially colorful, and the path to true love is rocky, as it is in real life.