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With long black curls, a shadowy family tree and an affinity for spiders, James Matthew was never an ordinary boy. This swashbuckling adventure story tells of Captain Hook before he meets his arch rival, Peter Pan. Beginning with his term at Eton, Jas. Hook stirs up trouble and makes numerous enemies, including the canny Arthur Darling. When he falls in love with PrincessWith long black curls, a shadowy family tree and an affinity for spiders, James Matthew was never an ordinary boy. This swashbuckling adventure story tells of Captain Hook before he meets his arch rival, Peter Pan. Beginning with his term at Eton, Jas. Hook stirs up trouble and makes numerous enemies, including the canny Arthur Darling. When he falls in love with Princess Ananova, Jas's efforts to woo her result in his expulsion from school and his exile on his devious father's slaving ship, where he makes a bold attempt to liberate the slaves and then sets off to find Neverland....

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Captain Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth (Playaway Edition) Reviews

  • Michael Fierce
    2019-12-08 18:11

    ~ Even the darkest of villains can have a hero's heart ~This tale tells the story of Captain Hook before he officially takes the name Captain Hook, during his time spent at Eton College getting his education, and his transformation into the villain we know and love. If you ever wanted to know the history of Captain Hook, it couldn't have been done better by even J.M. Barrie himself. Although there is no Peter Pan here, this is my favorite of all the sequels, prequels, side-stories, etc., that have added to the myth and magic of Peter Pan and the world of Neverland, that I've read thus far. Here's the book description:With his long black curls, a shadowy family tree, and an affinity for pet spiders, James Matthew bears little resemblance to his starched-collar, blue-blooded peers at Eton. Dubbed King Jas., he stops at nothing to become the most notorious underclassman in the prestigious school's history. For James, sword fighting, falling in love with an Ottoman Sultana, and challenging the Queen of England are all in a day's skullduggery. But when he sets sail on a ship with a mysterious mission, King Jas.' dream of discovering a magical island quickly turns into an unimaginable nightmare.Screenwriter J.V. Hart traces the evolution of J.M. Barrie's classic villain from an eccentric outcast to the scourge of Neverland.This book is told with great charm and a writing skill that really hooked me, entertaining me beyond what I was expecting. + Captain Hook has a pet spider named Electra. How much cooler can it get than that!?J.V. Hart, as you can see from the comments below, contacted me after my early version of this review. He is currently working on a sequel! Here are links to read the first 5 chapters on Facebook before the book's even published:Chapter 1: 2: 3 & 4: 5:, if you would like to follow the adventures of Captain Hook's side-kick, Jolly Roger, read Roger, the Jolly Pirate, by award-winning illustrator Brett Helquist, cover and interior artist of Capt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth.*Speaking of Brett Helquist, hopefully you are reading my full review so you can check out the striking cover of the young Captain Hook. Sometimes I pick up the book just to look at the cool cover!Super highly recommended if you are a fan of Peter Pan and his nemesis. If you are new to Neverland adventures, this would be a great place to start!

  • Hannah
    2019-11-30 17:54

    This book was...awesome?...amazing?...glorious? Words fail me. Captain Hook has always annoyed me slightly because, deep down, I always wanted him to be a gentleman and he never was. And then I read this book. And King Jas. Matthew Bastard, O.S.B., Keeper of the Wall--Lord Protector of the Pudding (as is painted on his wall by fellow classmates) crawled into my brain and took up residence. He has the perfect mix of a kind of cold politeness and barbaric masochism to make the legendary Hook. But it is through a long, torturous path, fraught with so many horrific trials and bittersweet triumphs that no lesser man could survive them, that he achieves his fame and notorious prestige. Definitely one of my favorite books.

  • Rebecca
    2019-11-15 20:53

    I love books that take a well-known story and shake it up! I'm sure that this isn't a perfect novel, that there are holes to poke at, but I didn't have time to entertain skepticism when reading this. The author is charged with a difficult task. How do you write an origin story about one of pop culture's most infamous villains and create an interesting and sympathetic protagonist? Hart accomplishes this with skill and not a little bit of energy. The book is littered with nods to Barrie's original work and a faithful prequel to the Peter Pan story. James Matthew, ask King Jas., aka King Jas. Bastard, aka James Hook, is incredibly likable, disturbingly so. In real life, if you came across a teenage boy with bluish tints to his skin and blood that literally runs the color yellow, who talks to spiders and has perfected the most purposefully-annoying cackle in the world, you might not crown him your King. But what I loved about the character was his sense of justice. There were parts of the story where Capt. Hook's villainy shone through, but the cruelty was deserved. James Matthew is cruel to the cruel and vengeful toward the oppressor. He also shows great love and devotion to his friend, Jolly Roger Peter Davies and his 'pet' spider Elektra. Yes, there were a few times when if felt like the author manipulated events or characters to fit the Peter Pan canon instead of letting the story flow naturally and the book does feel over half-way through, but James Matthew is such a charismatic character that you stay on for the ride.

  • Sarah Augustinsky
    2019-12-16 21:12

    I read this book because my class took a trip to a local bookstore to meet JV Hart. I was immideatly drawn to his way of speaking, his ideas, and what he was saying to us. He was an extremely interesting guy. He signed my book for me and even talked to me about pursuing a career in writing myself.This book was beautiful when I read it the first time. I loved how you got to see a different side of James. Instead of the greedy man that you more commonly see in Peter Pan and the like, I got to know a man who I couldn't help but be drawn to.He notions of "good form" and gentlemanly behavior created a more complex character depth. This whole book just took me on a journey, through the violent games they play, the duels (with a Mr. Arthur Darling, sound familiar?), the triumphs and the ultimate journey to Neverland.I really liked this book a lot. It just made me feel like a little kid again. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Well worth the read!

  • Chimeechonga
    2019-12-01 20:59

    I really liked this book the author went into a lot of detail with the characters; he would always tell how they were feeling or what they looked like. In the beginning he was mostly just introducing the characters and trying to get you to relate to them like in most stories, but by the end he made it seem like you were actually there watching it all happen right before your eyes. He would also describe the setting and tell what everything looked like even what color it was. My favorite thing about the book though was definitely how he made James seem so mean and scary. Over all the book was really good and I think that YOU should read it.

  • Kristi
    2019-12-05 20:19

    A fantastic work in the Peter Pan mythology. A marvelous portrayal of the young Hook.

  • Heather Hay
    2019-11-21 00:09

    I'm giving this book a big thumbs up for delivering the story that I wished someone would always write. That pansy peter pan is a pathetic pipsqueek compared to Hook! The biography of this splendid character was given a descent amount of action, heart and fantasy to make it match the Peter Pan classic. Readers should completely ignore historical corelations and just enjoy the story. There are a few elements in this book that I wished were elaborated on more. I expected these loose ends to be explained in the sequel; it's been a few years and no second book has been forthcoming. Yes, this book will be popular with the boys, but us girls out there who secretly root for the villians will be entertained as well. The book also would make a great gift if it were packaged with the classic for any young reader.

  • Arielle Acosta
    2019-11-22 20:18

    This book has to be the most underrated book of all time. It was my favorite book as a kid and I still reread it from time to time. The idea itself of giving Capt. Hook a back story is very clever. The book is a well written Young Adult type of book though the young Capt. Hook's "special traits" (eyes changing color from blue to red, bleeding yellow blood etc.) seem a bit too Twilight-ish for me. Despite that, the novel is charming and contains a good amount of adventure, love, humor and revenge. A definite favorite for me!

  • Nikki
    2019-11-27 22:13

    WhatWicked is toWizard of Oz,Capt. Hook is toPeter Pan. This story follows the life of the man we know as Captain James T. Hook.The character of James (or, Jas.) is one that you can't help but root for, despite his arrogance. He's a little over cocky and dramatic, but the same is true for the Captain Hook we've seen portrayed in so many different ways. Though a lot of his actions are a little abnormal, he's generally a good guy put through some tough situations while still maintaining 'good form.' A guy you would definitely want to have on your side.I was, however, a little disappointed with the ending as I was expecting things to play out a little further. Perhaps we will get a sequel?

  • Ms. Patterson
    2019-11-26 00:03

    A spin-off of PETER PAN, this book tells us the background of the boy who became Capt. Hook. James Matthew, the bastard son of a nobleman, is sent to Eton for schooling. Having been ignored by his father for almost his entire life, he's resentful of the absent father. Rather than him giving him money and things, he'd rather his father spend time with him or acknowledge him in public. Shunned by many and tormented by an older boy (one Arthur Darling) at Eton, James is determined to do as he pleases and resist bending to the will of others. With his ever-present sidekick, Roger Davies, Jas causes all sorts of uproar, including upsetting Queen Victoria over his behavior with a young, visiting, Sultana. CAPT. HOOK was delightful fun, a fast-paced adventure that will appeal to many. I especially enjoyed the humor that was wicked and sly, and may be overlooked by some not especially familiar with Barrie's story. (And you can't just rely on the Disney film.) I was cheering for Jas/Hook in this tale, which seemed odd since I'd known him as the villain for years. Quite satisfying story -- I give it a 'B.'

  • Julie
    2019-11-19 00:56

    Ever wondered what Hook was like as a child? Welcome to Eton, where young James Matthew B, bastard son of an English nobleman, is determined to make an unforgettable and legendary name for himself. And what is a Hero without a Nemesis??? Enter Arthur Darling (read the original Peter Pan, anyone?)This is Hook before he was embittered and made cynical by age. A bloody fantastic swashbuckling tale filled with sword fighting, dangerous wall/ball sports, loyal and brave friendships, trained pet spiders (O yes), cunning plans, true love, and sweet revenge. It was such a delicious tale, i just ate this up!See! I knew Hook couldn't be all bad! He is SUCH a good bad-guy, but here we see how Capt Jas Hook started out! If he found his neverland before he grew up, what would have been in store for Pan then??!?

  • Desiree Roe
    2019-12-07 17:54

    This book gives the horrible crook we all know from the fairy tales a new side to see. He not only can be a gentleman but can also love? He doesn’t plan on making friends in his new school system, but meeting Jolly Rodger changes his mind set. In this book you learn why the infamous Captain Hook is so damaged and how he earned his name on a voyage he’ll never forget. I recommend this book to middle school and above as it is kid friendly. Just keep an eye out for the wicked bits of insanity that catch even Captain Hook’s enemies off guard.

  • Kelly
    2019-12-01 21:52

    I loved this book so much and read it when it first came out. I still think about the characters and I wish there was a sequel!

  • Maria (The Ghost in the Shelves)
    2019-12-04 01:20

    I've always been intrigued by the thought of Neverland, and this book takes you there without actually ever having that be the setting. James Matthew (or King Jas, as he likes to be called) is the perfect epitome of what a villian SHOULD be- always gentlemanly, reckless and brave.I know alot of other reviews say that this isn't what the character should be like at all, but they're not thinking about the original book of "Peter Pan". In the original we find a bloodthirsty, twisted character bent on revenge, and in "The Adventures of a Notorious Youth" we find the makings of such a person. This author is the same person that penned the screenplay to the 90s version of the Peter Pan story, "Hook" (great kids movie- I also recommend it), the same author who gave Hook's way of life being in "good form". I also love the way that things just fell into place in this book, so many things are explained besides just Hook's character, like how he actually became "Captain Jas Hook". This book is perfect if you're looking for romance, adventure, some wrongdoings, and intrigue. I recommend it to anyone who ever daydreamed about Neverland, and how it came to be.

  • Stacia
    2019-12-01 22:16

    I love this book!!!! SO MUCH! The part i like best about it is that they make James Hook a very dark, cruel and sinical person, but it's not gruesom. yes, he does some things that are a little creepy, but they are soooo thrilling and are writin beautifully! so you get this adrenaline rush, but its not scary at all! its a thriller book! I also like the softer side they show of Hook. like how he has a great friendship with Roger. he is nice to his friend, and they have many a great aventure! Then he also likes this girl! ahhh, its very sweet! he likes this princess, and she is forbidden to see him, and it all works out quite nicely!

  • Betsie Bush
    2019-11-18 19:18

    Topping swank! Loved this... but wished there was more. I would love to read more of this author's version of this character's adventures. Kind of has a Harry Potter feel to it (British kids defying authority)... 7/10/09 - Have since learned that the author does indeed intend to bring us a sequal. I recently finished listening to a recording of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, and now I'm confused because in Hart's Captain Hook book there is a character named Arthur Darling, and I assumed that was the Darling children's father, but apparently their father's name was George.... I really wish Hart would get his sequal out so I can read more of his story.

  • Shana
    2019-12-09 21:16

    This is a book for the young (10) and the young at heart. A page turner from begining to end. The only reason it took me so long to finish is because I was writing my own stories an poems ect.It is a really great book for those who love pirates, and Peter Pan.The story is a about James Mathew O.S.B Aka King Jas AKA Captain Hook. Who is sent of to Eton Collage And is immedately dislike by his older peers. Who make it their sole mission in life to make his life at school as difficult as possible with very little success! I don't want to give away too much, except this. . . even the darkest of villan's can be a hero!

  • Lindsical
    2019-12-10 00:57

    I loved this book and since I read it way back in '06, it most certainly deserves a reread.This book basically tells the story of notorious Captain James Hook before he took on the name we all know him so well by. If you've ever wondered what James Hook was like growing up as a young boy, this book by the talented Mr. Hart will tell you all about it.It's pretty tricky to add onto such a popular story and iconic character. But this book does so extremely well. If you love gaining more information about your favorite stories, villains, and characters, this is one that accomplishes such a difficult feat.

  • Naomi
    2019-11-24 20:12

    "Even the darkest of villains can have a hero's heart." I really liked this book! Great writing, and I liked how Jolly Roger was worked into the story. And of course I loved the original quotes (however tweaked) that were used in the story, such as ="Awfully big adventure..." "My island is right under the second star to its right and then straight on till the morning sun greets you." I am so glad that in this book the young Hook "was never more sinister than when he was being polite." That is exactly how I'd always pictured him. Once again, great book!(I could have done without the giant spider Electra, though.) =]

  • Heather
    2019-11-20 21:09

    140-Character Summary: The fresh story of how the well-known Captain Hook came to acquire his notoriety during his days at Eton.First 140 Characters of the Book: "It was his eyes. The color of blue forget-me-nots, piercing, like two novas in a sky of dying stars. Profoundly melancholy, yes. Except when..." (p. 1).140-Character Review: A great story of how a wonderful villain become villainous. Hook's oppressors were sufficiently evil and he, sufficiently good. (Surprised?)

  • Rebecca
    2019-11-23 22:50

    I've never given much thought to Captain Hook, I mean, he dies in Hook and in Peter Pan it's implied that he dies at the crocodile's hand. But this book gave me a whole-new perspective on his life. James Matthew Bastard, OSB, or King Jas, or Captain Hook, whatever you choose to call him, is AWESOME. He bleeds yellow, his locks are long and curly, and his "forget-me-not" eyes glow a bit red when he gets mad. And, he commands with a force that is one to be reckoned with. I only wish I could be this cool *sigh*

  • Emily
    2019-11-15 20:14

    My husbands favorite Disney character by far is captain hook. So this book just happens to be on our shelf. Since my husband is not a reader I asked him if he had read this book, he said no but he wanted me to tell him about it as I read it. He did not like half the stuff the writer put in there about his beloved character. I on the other hand really like the imagination of how he got his nick name Hook, before he lost his hand to the crocodile. It was interesting to read how he was as a kid from J.V's point of view and his friend Roger, which in turn he named his ship the Jolly Roger.

  • F.C.
    2019-11-30 22:57

    Wonderful writing and vocabulary, full of adventures, but not extremely clever. Nods to JM Barry and his Peter Pan were laced through the story, but the over all story, etc. was not very clever. I was expecting a little bit more, but overall I did enjoy reading it very much. (during it I came to the conclusion that JK Rowling fashioned Hogwarts after Eton)

  • Jimmy Johns
    2019-12-16 20:14

    Now this book has as good character devolpment I have ever seen. With the great use of the words and all the true compasion he really put into making htis character come alive. He is also one of my favorite authors because he wrote this book He combines unnatural wit with extremly well thought out jokes. This book should go down in history just like the book it was based off of.

  • Farrah Caberte
    2019-12-03 22:53

    When I first saw this book in the library, I said to myself: "I just got to read this!"I have heard about Captain Hook in Peter Pan Stories and learned how bad he is but after reading this book, I started liking him. I guess he is my favorite villain now! Wow~! The pictures were also nicely drawn. The story?! It's incredible!You just have to know the story of Captain Hook!

  • ysar
    2019-11-28 22:06

    My brother gave me this for my birthday & he said it was because he knows I love good kids books. He was right. I'd never even heard of this book, but it was a fun read. It's a bit of a dark tale about a younger Captain Hook, and how could I not love a book about a vengeful, mischievous boy with a pet spider?

  • Sarah
    2019-11-25 01:17

    I was surprised with how much I liked this book--especially considering the main character, Captain Hook, is not normally a likable guy. It was well written with good characters and an entertaining plot with lots of action. I really liked the premise--it's pretty much summed up on the cover, "Even the cruelest of villains can have a hero's heart."

  • MusykalMayhem
    2019-12-11 21:14

    loved loved loved it. the book really shows both sides to captain hook. the soft compassionate side that-in peter pan-no one really see. he is also shown ans more witty and brilliant than peter pan gives him credit for. this book will make captain hook probably your favorite storybook villain..

  • Aurora Becher
    2019-12-02 18:59

    Personal Response: When I first picked up this book I didn't expect to enjoy it. I thought it seemed kind of weird. I decided to read it anyways. I ended up being very interested in it. I never wanted to stop reading it. The personality and appearance of the characters is intriguing. I would gladly read a sequel. Plot: It starts off with an odd boy coming to school at Eton. He immediately makes it known that no one is in charge of him. His cocky attitude leads him to being whipped. He doesn't cry out once while being hit. It is found out that he bleeds yellow instead of red. This freaks everyone out. Eventually almost everyone becomes James' followers. He is labeled a king. James ends up falling in love with a princess. He does a lot of reckless stuff to try and see her. This ends up getting him in trouble and he is sent to sea on his father's ship. James, along with his best friend, Jolly R, travel the sea together. He dreams of his island and the day he will see his princess again. The ship picks up African American slaves as cargo. This sets James off. He fights for the slaves and ends up being chained up with them. When a British ship comes the slaves, with James as their leader, take action. They take over the ship and return back to Africa. James vows to get revenge on his father for what he did. Characterization: James is the illegitimate son of a nobleman. He has never met his mother. He has no respect for authority. He hates his father with a passion. His father doesn't feel much different about him. James is cocky, loud, strong, and a natural born leader. His curly, black hair and yellow skin make him stand out from everyone else. He is very intelligent and a great fighter. He uses clever tactics to throw off anyone who is against him. He has a few special abilities. He can talk to spiders and he feels almost no pain.Jolly R is the best friend of James. He considers James to be his captain and leader. He follows him like a puppy. He is very loyal and intelligent. He started off being an obedient boy. After awhile he starts to become less obedient. He starts doing more things he is not suppose to. Impact of Setting: This story takes place in mostly England and the sea. It is based more on older times. If the story was more modern it wouldn't make sense to have pirates. Everyone is proper because it is based in England. If this book took place somewhere else there would not be a queen to tell everyone what to do. The school has a great role in the setting. It is a very neat and controlled place. James used it as a place to gain more power. Audience: I suggest this book to anyone between 13 and 19. It is based on the childhood story, but is changed so it's more for teenagers. Anyone that is a fan of peter pan will like this book. It gets a closer look at what might have been Hook's life. It is not for younger kids because of violence. Rating: I rate this book four stars. The author does an amazing job at making an interesting main character. The plot features a lot of action and plot twists. It was never boring. I liked the fact that is was about Captain Hook because I love the peter pan movies. I think it could of had more to it. At the end there was nothing about the island or the princess. It left me with questions.

  • Kathryn
    2019-12-07 00:06

    Hum. Well, I'm not sure if I should mark this "Read" or "To-Read" My husband and I listened to part of it during our Thanksgiving travels and were entertained well enough, but neither of us felt really invested and I'm not sure if I will pick it up again (in either audiobook or book format). On the one hand, I really liked the glimpse into the childhood of James(I've always been a bit of a Capt. Hook fan) and some of it was very well written and even witty. On the other hand, I didn't totally love the pacing and some of the scenes were rather confusing or plodding. Also, a lot of it was just a bit to "Lord of the Flies"-ish with the Eaton boys and their little groups and internal warfare and seeming lack of any overarching authority figures or objective laws. The narrator did a good job and, as I said, we were mostly entertained but perhaps not enough to see how James gets to Neverland.