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“Game Over” takes place in the distant future, in a place far, far away from the planet we call home, in the virtual universe called Elisium. Imagine a society freed from crime and illness, one sustained by a single, eminently logical system that was designed to seek the ultimate perfection of humankind. The Sibyl System seeks the elusive potential for perfection residing“Game Over” takes place in the distant future, in a place far, far away from the planet we call home, in the virtual universe called Elisium. Imagine a society freed from crime and illness, one sustained by a single, eminently logical system that was designed to seek the ultimate perfection of humankind. The Sibyl System seeks the elusive potential for perfection residing within humankind, and, at some point in time, becomes its greatest enemy. Now imagine that a reluctant hero is called— no, sent— to save the remnants of the human race that reside in the toxic wastelands that make up what was once proudly called Earth by its inhabitants. Ekko Everlasting is thrust into the world of the game, “No Life,” but without any corresponding memories that might motivate him to value any one universe over the other… Ekko’s immediate concerns dealt with saving his own skin and regaining his lost self— exclusively in that order— not saving one universe, let alone two. How would you play out the role dealt to you by fate?...

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Game Over Reviews

  • Logan Horsford
    2019-12-01 20:18

    "Game Over provides the reader with the unique opportunity to interact with the story as they progress through the Game. "A choose your own adventure book does not work well with an audio book that you are trying to listen to whilst doing something else.

  • Lori
    2019-12-05 01:01

    I really struggled with this book. This is one of those books that's better read than listen to in my opinion. I almost threw in the towel and did a DNF. But I requested this book and owed it to the author and narrator to give it my best shot. I have only listened to a handful of RPG books before this story so this may be a case of it's me not the book. Someone who is much more familiar with this genre may really enjoy this book.This is suppose to be a kind of interactive audiobook. Which didn't work at all for me. I want to put on a book and just listen. I don't just sit and listen. I'm driving, yard work, cleaning or whatever. You can't just stop what your doing in order to skip ahead to the time given to take which ever path in the story you would choose. It affects the flow of the story, makes it choppy and affects your overall enjoyment.In addition to that the story just wasn't holding my attention especially in the beginning. The way it was setup even without the "options" to skip ahead wasn't interesting enough to keep my mind from wandering. Eventually I was drawn into the story but it's not a book I was dying to get back to listening to. Although some of the characters are interesting I really never connected to any of the them. Not even the main character. They were just there. Numerous repeated lines throughout the book. Dee Drew did a really good job with the narration. It looks as though this is the first book he has narrated. Nice voice. Easy to listen to for long periods of time. Some really good character voices. He is a narrator I would listen to again. I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator or publisher.

  • Sionna
    2019-12-06 00:01

    *I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*DNF @11%11% in and I still have no idea what I was reading. I literally just went through a information dump, but feel like I learned nothing. How are people stuck in the virtual world? If everyone is in a virtual world how do they have children? How does Ekko not remember anything remembers other things randomly? And why did he pop up in the middle of a fight and win it??? I was more than confused. I still am! I was willing to trudge on a little farther, see if there were anymore options (I'll get to this), but then it switched POVs to the cyberman! That was too much. I lack so much information on one character, now I'm being throw to a different character on the "bad side" and feel even more lost. I put the book down. The one thing exciting about this book was the 'choose your own adventure' feel to it. It is more of a pick the right answer or die --so far, but I was truly interested to see how books besides Goosebumps would do it. Unfortunately, I only got to see one option played out before I gave up :( So, not for me. I do think others who don't mind the confusion and want to see how the options play out will enjoy this much more.

  • Kenny McGinnis
    2019-11-17 02:02

    I don't love the Audiobook format.

  • Reader Views
    2019-11-16 23:07

    Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (1/17)“Game Over” by Derek Edgington takes place in the virtual universe of Elisium. The story begins with the game loading and opponents preparing to go into combat. The author has a creative imagination and “Game Over” is geared toward those who love this type of action.This is a somewhat “choose your own adventure” book for some of the scenarios. One could make good choices that would lead them to move on, or wrong choices that would mean game over. Only the most skillful will move on.While reading this book, there were several things that came to mind as a reviewer. First off, let me say I am not a gamer, nor do I have any extensive knowledge about the subject. That aside, there were so many characters in this book I found it difficult to keep up with them all and I didn’t have the energy to thumb back through the pages to figure out who was who. Transitions between chapters were quite confusing, and toward the book seemed to lose steam toward the end. Even discussing this book with my son and his friends who are gamers, they too seemed confused as to what the goal of the writer was, and which characters he wanted to focus on.Based on writing any book, I always recommend that all authors and potential authors use an editor. This helps in transitions, ensuring the storyline and voice is consistent throughout the book. My belief is that this might have helped this storyline in its presentation and flow. I certainly understand that there are technical words that need to be included in a book of this type, but if it isn’t clear what the writer is saying or is trying to say, readers will lose interest quickly.Writing a book on gaming would seem difficult given the information that would need to be provided, but writing one that reads like an actual virtual game requires a special talent. Edgington seemed to know what he wanted to present, however, he just didn’t get it down pat in the wording.This book just didn’t give me what I thought it should in several areas. I spent most of my reading being confused, and again that might be since I am not a gamer.Derek Edgington gave it his best shot in “Game Over.” While in my opinion this book missed its mark, I do believe Edgington has potential to be a good writer, and finding an editor to help with the transition and consistency issues will prove immensely beneficial going forward.

  • Terrence
    2019-11-22 23:52

    Won this one in a Goodreads Giveaway. Book just came in, so once I finish a few other books I started, it is on to this. I love the cover illustration. Throughout the book, there are smaller images to break up the text, and some creative headings, like Chapter 1's loading screen which you can see on the back cover too.The book is titled Game Over, but if you're a visual novel you could probably think of it as "Bad End" as it seems these game over scenarios are going to be gruesome endings led to by a mistake in choice by the reader (I just found out from here and from the inside of the book that this actually has the seried title "A Series of Ends" which to me seems really appropriate for tbe set up; I would love to see that plastered somewhere on the cover / spine for Book 2 should that come to fruition). You get to choose your path in the story, though the first choice had a "default option" that kind of spoiled the correct choice. I know this probably isn't a traditional Choose Your Adventure, but I'm not sure I love knowing which choice is the right one immediately, but it's tough to structure it any different unless you spread out the pages of the book in some chaotic order; as it is, the bad choice here is the one that is made first page wise followed immediately by the correct one. I'm thinking maybe this is just a tutorial and we'll get crazy later because of the page directions.

  • Mike Siedschlag
    2019-11-17 18:16

    Derek Edgington sent me a print copy of Game Over for review.I'll start by saying I was a little intimidated by Game Over because I am not a gamer. I was afraid the book would be difficult for me to understand. Thankfully this was not the case. There may have been a few references that got by me but that didn't impact my enjoyment of the story.Game Over was a very different reading experience. The ability to interact with the story was new to me (I died...A LOT). The story itself is a real wild ride. Our hero, Ekko, has been recruited to beat the system so to speak. The barriers he encounters are beyond imaginative, they are bizarre and ingenious. Derek Edgington's creativity is in a league of its own.There is a lot of graphic violence, but hey, it's game violence so it's okay, right? No sex, not even cyber-sex, but lots of passion and even romance. The twists and turns, divided and hidden loyalties. Intrigue, opulence, elitism, changing alliances, vivid characters, suspense and surprise. I dare you to accurately predict the ending of this book. Derek Edgington has proven with Game Over that he is no flash in the pan writer. Further proof that main stream publishing is missing out by not paying more attention to indie writers.Even if your a non-gamer like me, you'll find Game Over by Derek Edgington an immensely entertaining read. Enjoy!Mike

  • Christopher Mazur
    2019-11-18 20:59

    It is a bad book. Disjointed and confusing.So I liked the way this book started and really wanted to like it at the end, but it was not a good book. That said I liked the choose your own adventure style chapter endings.My criticism is that the transitions between the chapters was very rough especially at the end. It feels like the author just didnt know how to finish the story. There were several directions it could have gone, but instead it felt unpolished an rough. In addition, some of the later chapter choices didn't make sense for the outcome. Worth spending a dollar or two to read if you like matrix style scifi. But there are better books out there in the same genre that don't make you feel like you wasted your time.

  • Sam
    2019-11-24 18:04

    Once again Derek has given us a world like no other, a world run by artificial intelligence known as Sibyl. Enter Ekko Everlasting as our unlikely hero thrust into this world to not only save it but also those on earth by playing in a game called No Life where each battle is more brutal then the last.Not only does Derek write such vivid descriptions of the people and the battles but he offers the readers a chance to interact with the game and Ekko. From the moment you open this book you are transported to Elisium and the game and before you know it you are at the end. There is not a slow spot in the book and I cannot wait to see what else Derek comes up with.

  • Hannah
    2019-12-13 18:01

    I won a copy of Game Over in a goodreads giveaway.I found this to be an enjoyable read. There were things here and there that didn't really work for me personally, but overall, it was an interesting story and I became invested enough in the characters that I will probably check out the second installment in this series when it is released. I can definitely see a lot of people enjoying this book. I have a few friends and family members that I can think of off the top of my head who I will be referring this to soon.

  • Amy Minckler
    2019-12-14 20:21

    InterestingI really enjoyed this read more then I thought I would. I have never really liked the 'chose your own ending' genre but this isn't completely Luke those as the primary story has a real solid plot and wonderful full characters. I can't wait for the next book. I got this book free in exchange for a review.

  • Susan Walker
    2019-11-23 23:21

    This is a very interesting book as the reader gets to interact in the story. Keeps the reader glued all the way through.

  • Adrián Lamo
    2019-12-09 00:03

    If I wanted to read a narrated video game, I'd take notes while playing a video game for my future enjoyment. Only towards the end does the author aim for depth. Depth makes a saving throw.

  • Sue
    2019-11-20 19:55

    Game Over by Derek Edgington is a story that happens inside a video game. Sibyl, an AI, controls the game, and the game is the world. Game characters are brought into the game and fight for their lives. Where do the characters come from? Ekko and Syl among other characters live weird lives in the video world. The reader can change the story's outcome based on choices made at game intervals, but the flow of the game is already programmed. An interesting story concept. The writing and organization are clear. The symbolism in the novel adds a possible level of curiosity to the reader. The story brings to mind the Tron movies.

  • Norma
    2019-11-15 23:17

    ( Format : Audiobook )"Consider the consequences of your actions."All power to the author, Derek Edgerton, for his innovative idea to translate his 'choose your own adventure's novel into an audio format. A great concept but one which needs a little more thought to succeed. Many, if not most, listeners to audiobooks will be doing something else at the same time, non demanding physical work (I garden and cook) or driving, for example, so getting to the device to select from the choices given is not always an instantaneous possibility. And here this book had two major faults. Firstly, there is almost no pause between the selection offered so the book has already moved on. And, secondly, it is not always easy to move forward for x number of seconds or minutes, so the flow of the story is broken whilst the listener fiddles with the semantics of fixing the right place. It would have been better to create two new chapter headings for the different continuations. As it was, it was far easier just to let the book run on, through both possibilities, thus really defeating the whole idea.Having said that, this was a great idea and a pretty good LitRPG story, full of fun (and frightening) characters, humourous and full of adventure. Unbeknownst to him, Ekko Everlasting, trapped without any past memories in the No Life game, where "the tiniest misrepresentation meant death", has been are fully selected to save not only the world of Ellisium, but Earth's population itself following a 222years old programme to perfect human society.The narration by Dee Drew is, after a slightly hesitant start, a very good, slick delivery, perfectly matched to the text. He tells the story at a fast pace and his character voices are distinctive, imbued with just the right level of emotion and they add greatly to the ongoing dialogue. Unfortunately the editting is not well done, with numerous occasions of the narrator's first reading of several words or a sentence left in place so that they are then repeated when read again. It is for this reason that I have reduced the rating from four to three stars - an occasional lapse can be tolerated but this problem occurs far too many times to ignore.My thanks to to the rights holder of Game Over: a series of Ends, for gifting me my copy of this clever concept book, via Audiobook Boom. Although not fully successful this time, I do hope that the author will persevere with the idea as it certainly would add greater dimension to the listening experience. Meanwhile, for the reader, it is better to stick to the written text.

  • Scott
    2019-11-24 23:56

    Let me start by saying that the book is not one that should have been released in audiobook format; at least not Audible. It is quite difficult for me to review it based on the ratings options that Audible provides; story, narration, and overall. The story itself was interesting with some unique aspects from others in a somewhat crowed genre. However, I cannot recommend the book be purchased in audio format for many reasons listed below. If you like the VR/game genre of books, this one is like those with an additional “Choose your own Adventure” element. At selected points in the story, one is requested to forward the audio to a specific location based on the decision made. This brings the reader to the next part of the story. Story choices in Game Over are not as common as other books in this category, but it is enough that it does not work for me; and I would assume most who use the Audible application.The book did have action, an evil AI, PvP play, and various challenges to overcome for our main character. I was somewhat surprised to hear vulgar language used in a book of this type. The book also has some darker aspects that may not make it appropriate for younger readers. The author does a good job of keeping the action flowing and there are necessary breaks in the action at good locations also. However, the language could have been removed without impacting the story and potentially opening it up to a younger audience.Due to limitation in the Audible application and because I often listen to books while driving, the ability to fast-forward to a specific location is not practical. Had the book been published where the choices were instead selectable via chapters and not some random amount of time, it may have easier to overcome this limitation.Overall the narration by Dee Drew was acceptable. This appears to be his first narration released on Audible; at the time of this review. There were many noticeable places where the book’s audio should have been edited, but was not. Quite a few sentences were repeated with the second being the correct wording and the incorrect one not being removed before it was released. He did a decent job of voicing the many different characters, but again the book should have been formatted using chapter breaks where decisions needed to be made; or the ability to jump several 30 second forwards for yes and another number for no. That would be make the book easier to listen too in this format. The book does not permit enough time delay after being asked a selection for someone to take the action requested before it moved to the default selection. As stated above, a few times, I cannot recommend this book for younger readers due to the book’s content and language. I also cannot recommend it in audiobook format due to the complexity it adds to one enjoying the book. If the book itself sounds interesting, pick it up in a different format and you may enjoy it.

  • J.D. Stonebridge
    2019-11-28 02:21

    The novel is set in a virtual world with a hero who is plunged into a game world with no memories and his only motivation was to survive. There was a lot of tension and action which escalated as the story progressed. Getting the chance to make certain choices in the story as a reader was a really great addition too and made me like the novel even more. There was never a dull moment in this story. Everything was very easy to picture and I felt as though I was in the game myself. A really enjoyable read. I highly recommend checking this out.

  • Derek Edgington
    2019-12-07 00:05

  • Derek Edgington
    2019-12-11 19:07