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Journey with Christopher West into the “hidden” talks of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body—only recently discovered in the archives in Rome—and find out why the Pope himself deemed them “too delicate” to be delivered in St. Peter’s Square. What is it about music?  Consider what happens when you chance upon your favorite song on the radio.  What emotions does it stir?  WhJourney with Christopher West into the “hidden” talks of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body—only recently discovered in the archives in Rome—and find out why the Pope himself deemed them “too delicate” to be delivered in St. Peter’s Square. What is it about music?  Consider what happens when you chance upon your favorite song on the radio.  What emotions does it stir?  What season of your life does it zoom you back to?  Now, imagine if you can hear the greatest song ever written.  To what heavenly places would it lift you? The Bible actually claims to contain the song of all songs: the boldly erotic Song of Songs.  Here, as countless saints attest, we discover that sexual love provides the mystical key enabling us to enter into everlasting union with God.  Heaven’s Song takes you there.  With profound insight, Christopher West guides you through the “unabridged” version of John Paul II’s talks on the erotic poetry of the Song of Songs and the great spiritual contest surrounding the marriage of Tobias and Sarah.  If you are already familiar with the Theology of the Body, you will delight in this new material. If not, this book serves as a superb introduction to John Paul’s revolutionary teaching and is certain to whet your appetite for more. In this book, intended for married, single and celibate alike, you will discover: What makes the Song of Songs the “authentic soundtrack” of Christianity What’s at the root of the sexual chaos in our culture and how to find peace in the midst of it Why there is a violent spiritual attack on marriages today and how to be victorious over it How to live an integrated sexual life as a path to union with God The “secret” of Mary (according to St. Louis de Montfort) in living an embodied spirituality Real-life stories of men and...

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Heaven's Song Reviews

  • Meg
    2019-12-02 21:52

    This is a highly insightful look into the intended nature of sex and marriage. I definitely plan to share this book with my friends, and want to reread it several times myself. Such beautiful writing!!

  • Thadeus
    2019-12-16 02:12

    Outstanding book that I will need to re-read. Drawing lessons from the Song of Songs and the story of Tobias and Sarah.A must-read for anyone in or contemplating marriage.

  • Luke Daghir
    2019-12-02 20:04

    Christopher West (CW) writes another stellar piece of work in translating and opening up JP2's TOB."Helping men and women to participate- and participate bodily- in the saving death and resurrection of Christ: that is what JP2's TOB is all about." -CWThe backbone of this book is structured on the Song of Songs- a beautiful, intimate story of true and authentic love that replicates Adam/Eve before the fall, and also foreshadows and is fully revealed in Christ's love for the Church. Each chapter is supported by a real-life story. The beginning of the chapter will hold the first half of the story, giving background thoughts into the essence of each chapter. At the end of the chapter, the real-life story is concluded, and in doing so, the chapter closes in a great review of the topics discussed.The greatest aspects that I got out of this book include: The inter-relationship between eros and Agape, the divine plan of God's nuptial union with His Creation, the Conjugal creed in studying Sarah and Tobias,the inter-relationship of the language of the body and the language of the liturgy, the concept of inviolability (honoring/recognizing the inner mystery of a person), the fraternal theme of seeing the bride as sister, the fulfillment of Eve grasping in Mary receiving, the garden closed and how woman are the "masters of their own mystery," and lastly- looking more clearly through the lens of God concerning sex and marital union. That marriage is a great gift in which the marital couple can enter into the divine mystery of Christ's love for the Church. This is a book I recommend for all people. And it is a book I will re-read again because it is that good of a book.

  • J.T. Therrien
    2019-12-16 19:15

    I truly enjoyed Heaven's Song: Sexual Love as it was Meant to Be, by Christopher West. This book on John Paul II's Theology of the Body (TOB) focuses on JP II's "hidden talks" and, due to certain potentially loaded ideas, such as the liturgical relationship between man and woman's sexual union as it points to the Divinity of the Trinity, the book is meant to be read by people who are already acquainted with most of the basic doctrines of the TOB and can appreciate the finer theological points raised here.Besides West's clear expounding of JP II's revolutionary hermeneutics of the the Bible's Song of Songs and Tobit, I also liked how the author set out his chapters. There is part of a practical case study at the beginning, followed by analyses of the TOB doctrines, and then the rest of the case study, followed by reflection questions and a suggested prayer. The form of the book seems to focus less on the theoretical and more on the practical application of the ideas presented in the TOB, giving the reader a sense that they are attending one of West's presentations.The case studies offer a wide cross-section of society, real people, including married couples, engaged/dating couples, divorcing couples, a single mother and also a priest, and how all of these can benefit from a deeper understanding of the TOB.Heaven's Song is definitely worth reading, but not as one's introduction to the Theology of the Body.

  • Lauren
    2019-11-30 18:05

    Although I usually prefer a book with a plot or just one that if it has a point to get to it and not have a form for each chapter so easily noticeable. In this book there are ten chapters and each is broken down into a rubric of (1) half a story, (2) West's thoughts, scriptural and other citations and his point, (3) the end of the story, (4) insightful questions to think about and (5) a prayer. At first I found it charming and then after the first three chapters I was thinking to myself, "enough already!" However, by the time I got to chapter 8, I realized that I did appreciate his format and benefitted from it. This book is not long and can be read in a few days in short segments. I really like the idea of the focus on the five seminars that Pope John Paul II did not give of his Theology of the Body in one book. I however was a bit disappointed to not have those lectures given to me straight by West. I think I could have benefitted more if he had included a copy of them in his book. I still think I learned quite a bit and I plan on having it on my bookshelf soon (I borrowed this copy).

  • Victoria Claire
    2019-12-15 00:53

    This book really does help the reader understand the integration of the spiritual and the essence the sacramentality of sexual love. It addresses a tough topic, but reveals a necessary truth that may seem uncomfortable to many but is ultimately true, good, and beautiful...not to mention freeing. All creation points to God's love, and spousal love is the picture of love written into our bodies and into the cosmos that is the most revealing of God's love for us. Christopher West passionately shows that in this book where he weaves together the writings of John Paul II, Benedict the XIV, Louis de Monfort, and several others in understanding the meaning of scripture's erotic love poetry Song of Songs, and how it is truly the song of Human Love which was created to reveal Divine Love. For me, this book was an important reminder that human desires can be purified, and that my sexuality is good and can glorify God. When sexuality is completely integrated to spirituality--body and soul, eros and agape--then we can be who we were created to be from the beginning.

  • Jen
    2019-12-10 02:15

    So what was original sin really? I found out it wasn't the apple. Finally, I see that better. If only for that insight, I loved this book. Using the Song of Songs book from the bible, this book gives a biblical take on how man and woman should relate with respect for each other, without taking away any of the passion from the relationship. Not a book I'd read to my parents. It is a book I would take to Eucharistic adoration to really allow to sink in. Great writing :)

  • Lucia
    2019-12-10 20:12

    I first read this book about 4 years ago after I met Christopher West for the first time. After I got engaged, I decided to read it again. Being an avid student of TOB, West's books and explanations never get old. This book is not for people who are unfamiliar with TOB, but for those who are, it is an eye-opening testament to how the Church celebrates marriage, sex and our personage as male or female.

  • C.L.
    2019-12-03 23:48

    As a man about to be married, I cannot dream of a better book to put under my belt. This is the second TOB book I've read and by far has had the most meaning in my life. I plan on continuing my journey with my beautiful wife until death, following the footsteps of the lovers in the Song of Songs as well Tobias and Sarah.

  • Pat James
    2019-11-15 20:48

    There is so much content in this book, I am going to re-read it, so I can grasp it even more! Loved it! Especially the stories at the beginning of each chapter. It made it easier to understand the content of each chapter.

  • Jami Andrews
    2019-11-19 22:00

    One of my favs, it helped me in a time of struggle and healing

  • Sarah
    2019-12-01 19:54

    LOVED IT! Full review on my blog, here.

  • Michelle
    2019-11-19 00:06

    I reviewed this book on my blog here.