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Title : The Dramatic Imagination: Reflections and Speculations on the Art of the Theatre
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ISBN : 9780878301843
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 172 Pages
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The Dramatic Imagination: Reflections and Speculations on the Art of the Theatre Reviews

  • صان
    2019-12-02 00:02

    حس میکنم چیز خاصی یاد نگرفتم ازش :-؟

  • Susan
    2019-12-16 20:00

    A book very much of opinion on theatre. In saying that what Jones has to say about theatre is so astounding (I found it to be so) and so strong in the language he uses that how could you ever doubt this guy knows what he is talking about. This book is inspirational and really gives you an insight into exactly WHY people seek to attain a theatre life despite lack of pay etc. and why theatre has ALWAYS stood the test of time. It's a life force in very many ways. This book is fast paced and witty and just actually stunning. read it. do it.

  • Joe Basile
    2019-12-01 02:06

    my favorite acting teacher in college recommended this book to me. i think its the only theater book i ever read that spoke to me and that i didn't think was completely boring. The book discusses the actor as artist and encourages the reader to think about the importance of all the elements of theater when creating a piece. Its the only acting book i kept since graduating almost 10 years ago. Very inspiring- especially for those who create their own pieces/theater.

  • Becky Raines
    2019-11-16 22:10

    In an industry where we don't often delve into design theory and why it's important to theater, Robert Edmond Jones explore scenic, costume, and lighting design, what makes them good, and how they relate to the larger theoretical exploration of theater. Written in 1941, much of what Jones writes still applies, and the rest is an interesting historical study.

  • Joel Ivany
    2019-12-02 17:58

    This wonderful theatre book, though dated, offers timeless insight into theatre and dramatic presentation. Touching on most elements of theatre, this scenic designer reveals the foundation of a great theatre and the continued hope for a future one.

  • Matthew Fife
    2019-12-12 18:07

    A collection of marvelously well written and well expressed thoughts on the vital importance of true imagination in Theatre. It inspires you as an artist to continue to strive for ever greater heights while fighting to catch the same vision that Bobby had of theatrical potential.

  • Leah
    2019-12-13 21:56

    If you are in love with theatre as much as i am in love with theatre you will find this book very interesting. It is slightly outdated and yet not. I particularly liked the essay The Theatre As It Was and As It Is.

  • Heather Wirth
    2019-12-01 20:56

    if you have ever worked backstage on a production, you will love this book. you will argue with it, possibly throw it down in disgust several times, but you will pick it back's just that good.

  • Thomas Murphy
    2019-12-03 19:02

    This is the best book I have read about theatrical design. It speaks on both a personal artistic and a professional level and I would urge any theatrical designer or practitioner to read it as well.

  • Cecilia
    2019-12-13 22:19

    Every theatre person, and really artist, needs to read and reread this book. It is truly wonderful and is still just as up to date to day as it was when it was written in 1941.

  • Kat
    2019-11-15 21:54

    I certainly didn't dislike reading this, and Jones's prose is quite beautiful to experience. That being said, who is this book for? Jones's general musings, while obviously true, lack real substance that can shape the work of serious theatre makers. No great takeaways, but didn't regret reading it.

  • Michael DeWhatley
    2019-11-17 19:59

    Parts of this book were particularly compelling, such as the first essay and his writings about stage lighting. All of the essays felt like variations on a theme and waxed poetical past the point of usefulness.

  • Echo
    2019-11-26 20:04

    The reason I didn't really like this book was because it was assigned reading. The book is very wordy and a bit outdated seeing as he's commenting on all the new things happening in theatre - in the late 30's that is. It's also a collection of reflections he wrote, not a novel on his opinions so the essays sometimes conflict or repeat information. However, if you're running out of inspiration and want to be re-inspired by the theatre, this is the book for you. His descriptions, though lengthy, describe the wonders of the first time at a theatre perfectly.

  • Emily Giuffre
    2019-12-12 21:03

    A beautiful invitation into conceptual, theatre design. Everyone interested in art should read this, not just designers! The language or manner of speech is a bit "other worldly" but nonetheless, a stimulating catalyst for getting the creative juices going.

  • Kris
    2019-11-26 00:52

    Other than sounding completely pompous, Mr. Jones's basic ideas and beliefs about the world of theatre are largely still applicable and universally true in the theatre world.

  • Scotty Bateman
    2019-11-18 01:55

    Essential reading for every theatre person, especially designers.

  • Hong
    2019-11-22 20:21

    although this book was written long time ago. .. his say toward the theatre as one of the most influencial theatre designer has always been true and true.

  • Steph
    2019-12-02 02:02

    Good for a theatre technician that needs inspiration, or anyone involved in theatre that is.

  • Lucinda Winslow
    2019-12-06 00:12

    This is about more than about set design. It is about the whole magical world that can touch this plane through the powers of imagination. And deep respect for that.

  • Yelena
    2019-11-27 20:20

    Truly extraordinary and most inspiring!

  • Michael
    2019-11-21 19:59

    Read this book for a scene design class. Interesting commentary on the design process. Good, easy read.