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Comprehensive examination of each faith, complete with deities and holy figures; rituals, rites and festivals; origin and history; sacred texts. Includes lesser-known African beliefs and the Americas. Color photographs, many 2-page full color. Directory and Index....

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Religions Reviews

  • Rachel
    2019-12-06 01:12

    If you are interested in learning about other cultures then I would recomend that you never read this book that I’m doing this review for. Religions written by Philip Wilkinson although most of the information is accurate,is terribly boring. It covers almost every religion that you can possibly think of, some that you might not even know about. There are mostly pictures and small paragraphs describing each religion and what they believe. I found that they don’t go into great detail about any of them, and I found that they left out very important parts in some of the religions. For example, they didn’t cover what the difference between Jehovah's Witness or Amish were, or even the difference between a Mormon and an Apostolic. This bothers me for the reason that even though they are all Christian, each group has a different set of beliefs which I think need to be addressed and explained. I understand that this book would be gigantic and even more boring, but people would be more informed and they could have a better understanding and respect for someone's beliefs. I would recommend this book for someone who wants to have an idea of some different religions, but I would not recommend it to someone who really wants to study it deeply and have a complete understanding of the different beliefs in our world today.

  • Russell
    2019-12-17 00:03

    My copy of this book is published under Visual Reference Guides and has a different cover, but I'm fairly certain that it is the same book as the one shown here.I picked this up on the discount rack at Barnes & Noble a while back, and I'm glad I did. Wilkinson really provides good summaries of all the major world religions, as well as quite a few minor ones. This isn't an in depth look at anything. It's just an overview for novices. But I still managed to learn quite a lot. In addition to an excellent text, there are hundreds of beautiful pictures. The book would almost be worth the price for these alone.My only real gripe with the book is the section on New Religious Movements. I don't understand Wilkinson's criteria for which religions to include and which to exclude. For example, he includes a section on the relatively tiny (30,000 members) Church Universal and Triumphant. Yet the much larger Church of Scientology is, surprisingly, not even mentioned. I was also surprised the Mormonism was only given a very brief writeup as a subset of Christianity rather than getting its own more lengthy treatment. These criticisms aside, I can highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in learning more about world religions.

  • Carrie
    2019-11-20 18:20

    I can't say I read this book cover to cover or anything, however I read a lot of it. It just goes to show, we are all more alike than we are different. Many of the largest religions on Earth today share so much of the same values and, well, prophets. I am sorry I am so uneducated but I honestly did not know that Muslims view Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses(and etc.) as prophets just as I do in my religion. When I think of Islam (Muslims) I think of Allah and Muhammad. I was most curious about Islam and Judaism. These two religions get a lot of attention in the world today so it was nice to learn a little background-- such as the difference between Sunni and Shi'i Muslims. Anyway, I don't mean to bore I'll zip it now. I'll just say this was an interesting and informitive read for me, I have always been curious about the worlds religions and how each came to be.

  • Natalie
    2019-11-16 20:04

    This book was excellent for a quick reference on religions. I bought it on a whim off the sale shelf at Barnes and Noble and I was quite pleased. The author didn't go into much depth, but instead tried to give a broad scope of the many world religions. He focused on the largest and most prolific religions, but tried to mention as many of the smaller congregations as possible. The author did an excellent job maintaining an objective air and focused on the positive aspects of the different religions. It was very informative and well-done. Excellent accompanying artwork.

  • Orada
    2019-11-15 22:20

    I didn't read this book from cover to cover. But I did look at every page and every picture and read the sections that I was interested in. I think it's a good introduction of major world religions. The pictures are beautiful.

  • Jax
    2019-11-29 19:58

    This is a great book to give you the basics of what each religion mentioned in this book, is based on. Great pictures of statues and sites as well.

  • Diana
    2019-11-15 19:20

    A helpful starter guide to religions across the world. Organization is well done, providing origins and history; core beliefs; ethics, morality, and law; practices and festivals; and branches of each religion. Only one star docked because I would have appreciated some more clear explanation of differences between religions that come across as quite similar.

  • Janet
    2019-11-21 01:15

    For some odd reason, I always thought that the DK Eyewitness books were mostly travel books. Wilkinson does a splendid job of presenting the information in a dispassionate way. He treats each religion with respect, straightforwardly reporting the basics without insinuating his opinions on whether it’s the “one true religion” or a bunch of hokum.

  • Fredrick Danysh
    2019-12-05 02:11

    A survey of religions of the world to include some emerging religious movements. Some of the charts appear to be inaccurate. The author gives his definition of religion and how religions have similarities.

  • Sammy Sutton
    2019-11-16 20:13

    Great photography! This is a wonderful guide to world religions. The author provides a moderate amount of descriptive depth. The manual, also gives a brief explanation about many ceremonies, sacred texts, festivals, and sects. It makes a great desk reference.

  • Knitting Witch
    2019-12-15 19:58

    This is a great introductory reference book for use in teaching AP Art History, under the revised curriculum.