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With Scotland in the grip of a nationwide witch hunt, Isobel MacDonell is hiding in England. But when Sir Philip Kilpatrick arrives to escort her to her betrothed in the Highlands, Isobel must face a harrowing journey through a land of fear and suspicion. Soon, however, Philip grows reluctant to deliver Isobel to the noble intended she has never met. Isobel has charmed herWith Scotland in the grip of a nationwide witch hunt, Isobel MacDonell is hiding in England. But when Sir Philip Kilpatrick arrives to escort her to her betrothed in the Highlands, Isobel must face a harrowing journey through a land of fear and suspicion. Soon, however, Philip grows reluctant to deliver Isobel to the noble intended she has never met. Isobel has charmed her way into his heart...and yet her determination to use her magic to solve the dark mystery of Philip's tortured past could destroy them both....

Title : My Wicked Highlander
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ISBN : 9780743471060
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 352 Pages
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My Wicked Highlander Reviews

  • Kim
    2019-11-22 18:11

    I found this book as an extra that someone had and could ship with another one I wanted. So, I got it and another one in the trilogy. It turns out I like the magic books just fine. In fact, I quite like them. They're usually about healers or people with accute intuition or such. Not too different from real people, just called magic. This one was more than that, but I still liked what it added to the story.I like that there was some 'real life' in this one - people acting one way because of honor or worry or such. (Not that many people do that now, just that it seemed to add an air of reality. Funny way to describe it, but still.)All in all, I will look for more by Jen.

  • Muse Here
    2019-12-03 16:03

    I really liked this book. Except the for the fact that I found it quite obvious what the cause of the father's illness was not long after starting the book. Now I'm starting book three and the characters themselves STILL haven't figured it out.That being said, the main characters were both lovable and the romance was quite enjoyable. The sex was minimal and strategically placed so as to be completely believable. Overall, I quite enjoyed this book.

  • Laura
    2019-11-13 17:13

    This is the first in the MacDonell Brides trilogy and my first book by this author. The book cover alone captured my attention but the story itself kept me engrossed. Needless to say, I look forward to reading Ms. Holling's other works. The ending will grab you and not let go! Plot - A-Romance - BSensuality - B+BOOK = B+

  • Kelly
    2019-11-18 13:01

    One of the best romance novels I have ever read. This was the first book in the MacDonell bride series but I read it last due to the availability of the books. Even reading backwards they were wonderful and I wasn't lost. I loved them so much I might re-read the other two now in the correct order. I recommend this series to anyone who loves historical paranormal romance.

  • Rachel
    2019-12-04 16:51

    Loved it! Only thing I was unhappy with was the fact that one Phillip found out what happened to his sister, he didn't spill it about his step mother. I would have let that bitch have it. She was such an nasty woman, she deserved to be fronted out. Other than that, book was great. I hope we see Phillip and his sister get back together.

  • Lillyanna
    2019-11-19 21:12

    I just reread this series again, it is one of my favorite. I am drawn to the love, magic, highlands and the stories. I had hoped to find some more books by Jen Holling, has she written anything in another name?

  • Lisa
    2019-11-29 21:02

    This is the first novel in the MacDonnell Brides Trilogy. Isobel MacDonnell is a crafty woman who meets the brooding Philip Kilpatrick. The mysteries surrounding the MacDonnell family's past will all be revealed in the subsequent novels.

  • Gail
    2019-11-24 16:56

    I only managed to put this classic Scottish paranormal romance novel down once thanks to the appealing characters and interesting plot. Unfortunately, too-obvious foreshadowing, a bit of repetition in parts, and typos stand between "My Wicked Highlander" and a fifth star.

  • Kerry
    2019-11-14 15:07

    Best drunk reading ever - hilarious!

  • Stephanie Williams
    2019-11-19 14:49

    Luved it, can't wait to read the next book

  • Marika
    2019-11-22 18:01

    WOW, that is all I can say. it was amazing, I could not put this book down I read it in a day and a bit.

  • Kristine
    2019-11-16 16:00

    Lots of fun a nice sweet romance

  • Miranda
    2019-11-12 20:59

    This was a good book but it really had me hanging on what was happening with the father of the girls.

  • Rachel
    2019-12-07 15:51

    so good!

  • Minne
    2019-11-18 17:51

    really good ;D

  • Detgen
    2019-11-12 16:44

    Of course it doesn't have five-star literary merit. But I rate by enjoyment. This is top-notch brainlessness.

  • Canita
    2019-11-23 15:14

    Delightful escapist fiction!

  • Mitzi
    2019-11-30 20:02

    Book 1 of Trilogy. Good.

  • Paranormal Romance
    2019-11-27 17:01

    Since childhood the heroine has known she was witch and surrounded by her sisters and parents she always felt safe regardless of how Scotland feels about witchcraft. Then her mother is burnt at the stake and everything changes. Her father sends his 3 daughters off into seclusion until it safe to return home. The heroine was sent to England and lives in the house of nobility. Her life is peaceful if not warm or loving but despite the fear in her foster parents eyes when they look at her, she has a happy life. But she longs for home. And then the special day comes when her father send for her and she could not be more excited. Her travel companion is a very large Scottish man whom she feels instance attraction to. He's very stern however, and has the habit of saying things that either hurt her feelings (however unintentional) or dampen her glee. He is obviously a very private and tormented man but she feels connected to him regardless of his off putting personality. The hero was horrified by the idea that his friend would request the hero to marry one of his daughters and the hero was struggling with a way to decline without hurting the old man's feelings. But all he's been tasked with is to see the eldest daughter home safe to wed the Earl her father has chosen for her. Their relationship is rocky at the beginning. He is rather dismissive and controlling and she has spent far too much time running her on life. She starts to consider him a jailer rather than a bodyguard but she can't help how she feels for him. Their connection is fiery and constant. They just can't seem to help themselves as ever private moment they spend in each others company ends in a passionate kiss which they come to regret. The hero knows she's promised to someone else, an Earl for Christ sakes, and she's not comfortable with the notion of breaking that thread of loyalty to her yet to be introduced husband. Yet that passion is there, waiting for another opportunity to escape. The hero comes to realize his charge is a witch when she touch's a cloth and sees murder in her visions. But the hero isn't afraid of her, no he's afraid FOR her. He knows the hysteria of the witch hunt and that the heroine is just too eager to help- that's she's bound to get herself killed one of these days. Yet when she offers to help him find his missing sister, he realizes he can't possible refuse any hope of finding the young girl he feels responsible for losing all those years ago. Living with the guilt of letting her slip away while he flirted with a lass, the strain has put the hero at odds with his family. He denies his inheritance, accepts his stepmothers hatred and blame and stays far away from his home as he can. But the heroine visions give him hope and it only serves to draw him in deeper until the idea of leaving her at her fathers keep to marry another man makes his sick. The heroine in turn finds it harder and harder to accept the idea of never seeing her hansom Highlander again. Especially when she meets her betrothed and dislikes him on sight. So she offers herself to the only man she could ever love and in the morning, thinking he know has a case to bring to her father for her hand in marriage, she declines. Her father is extremely ill and she can't possible hurt him in anyway, even if it means her unhappiness. But when she sees a vision of the hero burning at the stake for witchcraft, she'll stop at nothing to see him saved. And yet another home run for this series. I adored it. The hero was so tormented and guilt ridden but there were sparks of humor and brief moments where you could see the true man underneath. The forbidden romance between the 2 was exciting and the idea that they just couldn't seem to stop themselves from touching one another was super sweet. It elevated from a touch to a kiss to making love and each time the hero would vow to see this insanity end yet then the heroine would give him a look and he would succumb to it again. Love me some Scottish men and I loved this hero to death. I also quite liked the heroine even though she was reckless with her powers, she did them in service of others and even at the risk to herself, she offered to help those in need. This included the hero whom she wanted nothing more than to give joy and happiness to when she saw his sister alive and well. It was beautifully written and never a dull moment in sight. Highly recommend this series, it's a winner for sure.

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-11-11 21:05

    Isobell along with her sisters, were separated at a young age, and Isobel was sent to England for her protection. Their mother was killed when accused of witchcraft. Isobel is a seer, and has the ability to see the past and future of a object she touches. She has had to live in fear of her gift being realized. When she comes of age, her father sends for her, so that she can be married and protected by one of the most powerful men in Scotland. Her escort back home is Sir Philip Kilpatrick. Philip is known as a man who can find anything. Philip left home, even though he is the oldest and heir, he is blamed for the loss of his younger sister. At first, he forces himself not to care for Isobel, a woman of spirit and passion. But soon he realizes that Isobel is everything he desires in a wife, but will Isobel choose love or duty to her family?My Wicked Highlander is the first book in the series, and the first book I have had a chance to read from this author. I have had this author in my eye for some time...I really was excited to read this and I was satisfied from beginning to end. This story is set in the Elizabethan era. A time where especially in Scotland, the king had zero tolerance for "witches" and anyone accused of witchcraft, whether guilty or innocent was killed right away. This is what sets the stage for the story. We have Philip, who has his own past and demons to deal with. He does have some pain to deal with, but we see a hero with strength and who is trying to do the right thing, especially when it comes to the woman he loves. I really loved the way the author puts his character in. He is not your normal highlander. Running from his past and his family, he has to come to terms with those inner demons before he can truly embrace his future. Isobel, is fun and charming. She has had to hide her gift, but she does have a bit of naive personality when it comes to her gift. She will use it without thinking the consequences through. She isn't afraid, even knowing what happened to her mother. Even though she is a bit naive, she is strong willed, and loyal to everyone she cares about. She is always wanting to help others, especially when she sees something in the future that is disastrous.These two are quite a pair, and they wormed their way into my heart. There is a bit of conflict, but I loved the slow and gentle romance that forms into a charming love story and is breathtaking from the first to last page. Guaranteed to captivate!!

  • Patsyann
    2019-11-08 13:02

    The moral of this book is: if you fall in love with a witch, you better have friends and relatives that will help you at a moment’s notice, because you will always be in dangerous, life threatening situations. With that being said, the hero is the perfect romantic hero. He is not perfect, but he is self assured and confident, trustworthy, ethical and of course ruggedly handsome. Oh and a hunky highlander. With a Scottish brogue. Is the heroine a witch? Today she would probably have a reality TV show – telling people their future – but in Medieval Scotland she is considered a witch. This book was fun to read, the hero and heroine were perfect for each other. Everything that they did was correct for the situation, and their reactions to situations were normal – there were some expressions or statements that probably could be 21st century – but I was not annoyed by them. I love a good strong male character – this book did not disappoint. The secondary characters did not overwhelm and they were merely in the story to reflect what was happening. I loved it!!BEST USE OF: Sisters, friends and familyALPHA MALE 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10RUNNING THROUGH ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND 10HOT SEX 10HEA(HAPPILY EVER AFTER) Oh yes!!PROLOGUE/EPILOGUE None – last chapter was an epilogueRating System10 - Perfect! - On keeper shelf forever.Heat Level4 – Hot – hot lovemaking scenes. COVER COVERS IT: The cover is perfect – reflects the hero and heroine and the scenery of the book.

  • Jacob
    2019-11-19 12:44

    When I worked at Barnes & Noble, I would often be caught flipping through books in the Romance section. I learned two things: that people think it's sad if an English major is drawn to romance novels, and nearly half of all these books seem to take place in the Scottish Highlands. Can I say kilty pleasures? Fine. Several years later, I felt vindicated in a master's literature class when Prof. Cappetti described the true beginnings of the novel as semi-autobiographical accounts of female subjects in medieval Italian courts. Her emphatic conclusion was that males had gotten a hold of the novel and turned it into a pretentious, brain/muscle-flexing bore. Inspired, I went to the nearest Barnes & Nobles, returned to my beloved Romance shelves and purchased a story about one wicked Highlander and the independent but fiercely wanton Scottish damsel who corraled him. It sucked. The sex scenes sucked, the characters sucked, and it sucked that I wasn't surprised in the least bit that it sucked. Still, the next three books I read were pretentious literary juggernauts that I had been meaning to conquer for years, so if you are looking for motivation to slay the mighty Ulysses (either one) then look for a book with a kilt and bursting cleavage and settle down for the following twenty minutes it will take to read it.

  • Tonya Warner
    2019-11-25 15:13

    Sir Philip was been given the task of bringing Isobel home to Scotland to her father. She is to be wed to a man believed to have killed his wife.Isobel is a witch. Scotland is burning all witches. Her own mother died from being burned at the stake. Philip knows she is a witch, but loves her anyways. A very nice story.

  • Vicki
    2019-11-11 17:06

    light entertaining read. I can't resist anything with a witch in it ;)

  • Al *the serial series skipper*
    2019-11-12 12:47

    Really enjoyed it. I decided to read something about magic and scotland and this book did not disappoint .

  • Dawn
    2019-12-07 14:55

    Sir Philip is sent to fetch Isobel the seer, He becomes her protector and honorable to the last.

  • Beth
    2019-11-10 21:14

    I really enjoyed this. Isobel and Philip's story.