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General Ra'jen Noirte returns from combat to find a woman bound, abused, and abandoned. His healing touch soon turns to hunger as she stirs beneath his hands. With milk white skin and flame red hair, she tempts him to abandon his responsibilities and indulge long-neglected needs. Every kiss, every caress distracts from his mission, and the fate of the universe depends on hGeneral Ra'jen Noirte returns from combat to find a woman bound, abused, and abandoned. His healing touch soon turns to hunger as she stirs beneath his hands. With milk white skin and flame red hair, she tempts him to abandon his responsibilities and indulge long-neglected needs. Every kiss, every caress distracts from his mission, and the fate of the universe depends on his success.Autumn never dreamed a man could be as captivating as Ra'jen. On the surface he is deadly aggression, but she has glimpsed his tormented soul. Though he serves the enemy, she suspects they have similar goals. More than her heart is on the line as they form an uneasy alliance....

Title : Codename Autumn
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ISBN : 9781605214153
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Codename Autumn Reviews

  • Jennifer
    2019-12-08 13:12

    Very good read. And way too short. In my opinion this author is comparable to Laurann Dohner, which is a compliment. The only issue I have is the cost of her books. They are way too expensive for such a short story. But if you can afford to purchase them they are definitely worth the time to read.

  • T.H.
    2019-12-07 13:15

    Amazon freebie 5/13

  • Victoria
    2019-11-13 13:53

    Is a great book to read

  • R.E. Butler
    2019-12-09 16:03

    What a surprise this book turned out to be! Aubrey is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine. She's just such a clever writer!Earth has been taken over by aliens and the population has been reduced to slaves. Earthlings either work in the mines (mining salt and other things for the aliens), in the brothels, or as breeders. The alien overlords use other aliens to do their dirty work, and many of these aliens appear quite human like. The overlords have enslaved not only earth but also the other alien planets by addicting them to a drug. If they get off the drug, they'll die.Our story begins with Autumn who has decided to work at the brothel. Why make that choice, you ask? Well, the mines are a terrible place for women, hazardous to their sanity and bodily well-being as they're attacked constantly. And the breeders are just as abused, not only for breeding purposes but also for experimentation. Yikes. So it's pretty easy to see why Autumn would choose to become a whore, because she works for madams that watch out for her. She's still a slave, and she doesn't really have any choices in her life. Until she meets Ra'Jen.Ra'Jen is an alien but looks very human-like. He finds Autumn in a very compromising situation and rescues her. Things move very quickly from this point on, and I can't say more without spoiling the fun.The book is very fast paced, extremely sexy, and features a smart heroine, and a sexy hero. Autumn's character was very relatable, sweet, and smart. I wasn't sure I was going to like Ra'Jen at first, because he seemed so unwilling to get involved with Autumn, but I loved his quirky alien features. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what happens to earth.

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-11-20 18:50

    Reviewed by VictoriaBook provided by Ellora’s Cave Review originally posted at Romancing the BookCodename: Autumn is the first book in the Undercover Embassy series by Aubrey Ross. The blurb caught my attention and stuck with me. I am not a fan of futuristic science fiction but this book could change my mind on that.Autumn is one of the countless other women on earth. They had the choice to work in the mines, become a breeder, or to work as an ambassador. She has very little options left in her life. She chose the best one available to her. Autumn is a very strong and smart character.Ra’jen is the general who falls for this woman who has such innocence. He is strong character that does what he is supposed to do right down to the letter. He also recognizes the difference between right and wrong and will do what it takes to help the people of earth over throw the Gathosian race.The chemistry between Ra’jen and Autumn is off the charts. They both fall in love shorty after meeting with each other. The sex scenes are hot and explosive. These are a great pair.Overall, this was a great story. The author did a wonderful job of writing a very complex story that combined sex, mystery, and turmoil among the citizens of Earth. I would have liked it if the story was much longer than the 86 pages it was. I cannot wait to read the next books in the series.

  • Sarah
    2019-11-10 15:09

    So a slightly different twist on alien's invasion. In this we have a race of Alien's that has successfully enslaved several other planets/races and most recently earth. There is a compound that they addict everyone to and once addicted it is impossible survive the withdraw, thus ensuring everyone's complacency. There is, however, a small group of people under their control that are working to recreate the compound on there own so that they can fight back against their enslavement. This is the first book in the series and we meet the leader of this group who manages to set up a 'pleasure ambassador' (a high ranking whore), whom he falls for, as a Madam/Mistress of the most successful embassy in North America. It pretty much ends there with plans being made to pass on messages and set up a girl as a spy of sorts to another man of high rank. A bit of Sex but the plot more than evened it out. Looking froward to see what happens next!

  • Mary Roya
    2019-11-16 16:09

    The earth have been invaded and enslaved by an alien race call Gathosian. They keep everyone hooked on a drug. In that drug is a component that no one can figure out so a cure can be made. Our heroine, Autumn, is part of a group called ambassadors. Which is just a fancy name for sex slaves for the invaders. I really got into the story. I enjoy the passion between the hero & heroine. The hero is from another world and he's blue. I liked that. The invaders are enslaved, pawns to be used by the Gathosians just as the humans. I really enjoy the sex scenes. I am enjoying this series. I am very grateful that the ending was good. I hate cliff hangers. But it does leave you wanting more and thankfully there are three move to read. I do recommend this for a quick fun read. Adults 18+ only please.

  • Caro
    2019-12-03 17:47

    This was a really good book. I liked the characters and the plot. I would definitely like to read this again and was surprised (in a good way) that this happened to be free when I found it. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series, when I find them. There was some really good steaminess, great characters, a good plot, some intrigue, good descriptions, emotions and a great imagination and creativity. I was pulled in from the start and kept reading to see what happened next. Whether it was good or bad. I liked the results for 'those two' too. Totally wicked. This book definitely gave me some ideas... (Lucky hubby) Waiting for more and watching for his author. Enjoy!

  • MK
    2019-11-19 14:52

    This is the start of the spy-thingy using "ambassadors" to extract info that will lead to earth's freedom against the Ganosians. The description of the earth during and after the invasion is terrifying if it was real. The people, especially the women will have to fight for their lives in order to survive. Anyway, Autumn and Ra'jen's relationship developed pretty fast and under the circumstance, they have each other to rely on. I wish there are fight scenes, but on the upside there is a lot of sex scenes. Overall, it is still an enjoyable prequel of many happenings to come.

  • Angel **Book Junkie**
    2019-11-16 14:12

    Novella/Short Story Ratings Book ♥♥ 2 Stars Author ♥♥2 starsTotal ♥♥2 starsThis was cute! It was a free read and while the blurb was good, I think it was the entire book in one. I will not be reading the rest of this series and I was glad the book was free. I think the entire idea of the book would make a great series but I am just not willing to read it. The funny thing is I liked Autumn a lot, and Ra’Jen was okay but, together I just could not see nor feel the chemistry.

  • Ti
    2019-12-06 19:54

    BDSM again. I have said again and again in my reviews: notification of BDSM is more than a courtesy. I will not be reading this author again. Its not BDSM if the heroine doesn't have a choice BTW. In the little I read this book include several things that readers might find offensive, including drug use, abuse, non consensual BDSM, pain, enjoyment of pain...Not going to finish this one. No point. If there was an option for 0 stars, I'd give it.

  • Mara
    2019-12-08 13:08

    I'm absolutely happy this was free. I would have been quite pissed otherwise. It should be a short story, but it read like a few chapters taken from a book. If you want the rest of the story, you'll have to buy the next ones. I guess each of them will be on a different couple all striving for the final showdown.Why do I expect something better from this publisher and this stuff is really a mystery.

  • E.C. Adams
    2019-12-05 18:15

    Ok, this was a fun read. An erotic short about a prostitute in the future who becomes the love-object of the most powerful alien general hunk, in a futuristic world where humanity and other alien species are oppressed by one other species. I read it in one evening when hubby was out to dinner and I was home alone, and it kept me good company. (The male lead is an alien and has a blue "thingy" by the way...) Very short, as shorts should be, but entertaining.

  • Sophia
    2019-12-01 13:14

    Interesting Alien Invasion premise on this one where the characters are just doing what they have to for survival. Hard gritty world. Scorching hot encounters between H/h. D/s elements, toys, backdoor action. Strong enough plot, good pace, likeable characters. Story ended abruptly leading to next in series. Look forward to more from the series.

  • Ginnette Smith
    2019-11-27 13:01

    I thought this book, was going to be a short-story romance, it was/is, but it's also so much more, with the alien content coming out of left field for me, I found myself quite caught up in the storyline almost immediately.This was my first read of this author, it certainly won't be the last.

  • Julianna
    2019-11-16 17:01

    I just wish that there was an actual resolution instead of it kind of leaving the reader hanging. I understand that there are more in the series but i just wasn't a huge fan, and don't know if i am actually interested enough to read more.

  • Sandra
    2019-12-02 13:50

    A series I will definitely look to read more of!